A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1093

John forced himself to look up then. “I told you you don’t have to save me, didn’t I? I don’t want to drag
you down with me…”

His bloodshot eyes paused, as he thought for an instant that he was hallucinating.

After all, people tend to think about the ones they wanted to see most when death approaches.

As such, he stared at Cordy for a long while, as if to confirm if it was her.

It was a difficult task too, since Cordy was wearing fireproof overalls, covering her from head to toe-no
one might be able to recognize her unless they were familiar with her. i

Cordy wondered for a second if he recognized her too, and she did not come here to do that-right now,
rescuing him was more important.

She turned away from John and watched worriedly as the bodyguard bludgeoned the chains as hard
as he could.

However, the chains were too sturdy to break easily.

Minutes later, Patrick’s voice rang over Cordy’s walkie-talkie, and he sounded urgent. ‘How’s it going
over there? I can’t find John anywhere here. Where are you? Let’s meet up.”

Cordy stared at the sturdy chains in turn-the fire was not reaching the basement just yet, but she hardly
had to imagine how bad the fire would be above.

’I found him, and we’re getting him out as we speak. We’ll soon reach the gates-come out as soon as
you can,” Cordy lied.

She had no idea if she could save John, let alone whether she could make it out in one piece.

She understood how Patrick felt, but she did not want him to die with her.

“Okay,” Patrick did not doubt her at all, and put away his walkie-talkie as he dashed toward the main

However, just as he moved, a certain man’s image flashed in his mind.

Patrick pursed his lips, perplexed-what did Sean’s fate have to do with him?

To be fair, he was Cordy’s cousin, and being concerned was reasonable.

Whipping out his walkie-talkie again, he asked, “How’s it going on your end, Sean?”

Sean did not respond.

‘Cordy is getting John out of here already. What about you? Did you get it?” Patrick pressed.

Sean still did not respond, and Patrick realized that something was wrong right then.

Reasonably speaking, Sean should have been done sooner than the rest of them—his objective was
clear, and he should be out unless there was interference.

Which seemed to be more likely the case now.

Patrick felt his breath leave his lungs.

He did not die in the fire, did he?!

The fireproof overalls did not mean he was safe, since even the best fireproof materials would break
down under prolonged exposure to fire.

Patrick did not hesitate to run toward Sean right then-he had seen the photo John sent Sean on his
phone, and if he remembered correctly, it was in the back garden.

He gritted his teeth as he rushed headlong into danger.

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