A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1092

Even though their bodies were covered from head to toe with the best fireproof overalls, they could still
feel the searing heat and the suffocating air around them.

Sean’s objective was clear, so he left immediately when it was time for them to split up.

On the other hand, Cordy and Patrick were supposed to look for John— they had to do it separately
since Lynd Manor was huge.

Patrick in turn stared at Cordy for a while, but she gave him a determined nod.

She would project herself.

With that, Patrick stopped hesitating-there was all kinds of danger waiting in there, and the only way to
be safe was to achieve their objective quickly and get out.

Cordy and Patrick each had a bodyguard escorting them as they parted ways.

If her hunch was right, John would be treated harshly once he was caught in the act, and they would
have held him somewhere secure.

Rumor had it that there was a basement in the old building of Cranston Hall, where the members of the
family would be kept and forced to reflect on themselves.

It was very likely that the Lynds had one as well, since the two families were so close they may have
built their respective residences in a way that resembles the other.

Having decided on that, Cordy started searching for Lynd Manor’s basement according to the Cranston
Hall’s layout.

Since it would not be the main building, it must be somewhere around it.

Cordy quickly ran around the main building until she noticed a shack and hurried towards it.

There was a steel door inside, and it was ajar.

Cordy headed inside without hesitation, even though the fire was already reaching the fringes of the

Cordy strode down the stairs and into a dark walkway, and it seemed to feel sinisterly cold there
despite the fire outside.

There were several doors along the walkway, and Cordy kept opening one door after the other-they
were all steel doors, but unlocked.

Cordy clearly flinched when she opened the fourth door.

She found John, his body covered in his own blood and riddled with so many gruesome gashes he was
almost unrecognizable.

His head was dropping, and he looked like he lost all vigor.

In fact, he looked dead.

Cordy’s legs seemed to freeze at the doorway for half a minute even though she knew very well that
she did not have a second to waste.

The bodyguard behind her prompted her just then. ■’Miss?”

Cordy abruptly came to his senses.

She gritted her teeth and entered, but just as she reached John, he said feebly, “I told you to run, didn’t
I? I’m not worth it, Nana.”

Cordy pursed her lips, delighted for an instant.

Or perhaps…

Either way, he was alive, even though he looked like he could drop dead at any moment.

She never said anything and quickly calmed herself.

Then, she realized that he was still bound by chains-they had to cut those off since they did not have
the time to find a key.

She looked around and suddenly saw a giant hammer nearby.

She quickly picked it up, but it was too heavy for her to wield it effectively.

She waved at the bodyguard escorting her, who immediately understood and took it off her hands
before hammering violently at the chains binding John.

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