A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1089

Meanwhile, Keith had rallied every member of the Lynd family at the manor grounds as they prepared
to evacuate through a secret passage.

All important families had one in case of emergencies, but just as they were about to head in, Marge
Jenkins-Keith’s wife-was suddenly crying out, “Nana’s not here!”

Kyle finally noticed that Nana was not in the crowd as well, and Marge kept asking worriedly, ’Where
did she go? Has anyone seen her?”

She would be burned alive if they did not leave now!

Moreover, only Jean and Keith knew the secret passage. If they left, Nana would never find it in time if
she returned.

“I don’t see her,” someone answered.

’Where is she?!” Marge cried out in panic and started toward the manor again.

Keith quickly caught her. “Where are you going?!”

‘I have to find Nana!”

’No, you don’t.” Keith glowered.

’She’s our daughter, Keith!” Marge cried furiously.

’And she definitely went to Lucas Lynch,” Keith said, as if he knew that for a fact.

Marge was left doing a double take.

Although she did not argue, she said, ‘I’ll get her.’

’That’s her choice,” Keith growled coolly. ’Mom and the family were lenient enough to not hold her
accountable for Lucas’ crimes, but she insisted on going to her own doom. She deserves it.’

‘Do you hear yourself talk?! Nana’s our daughter! How could you let her die without lifting a finger?!”

’It’s too late now,” Keith said, watching the fire spreading into the manor.” You’d die with her if you go

’So be it-’

‘That’s enough!’ Keith caught her immediately and barked at the others,’ Restrain her!”

’Keith!!!” Marge bellowed furiously.

‘We’ve been doting on her because of her health ever since she was born. For that alone, my
conscience would be clear for the rest of my life,” Keith told her callously and turned to the others.
’Everyone else, get a move on.’

Marge tried to resist but was restrained and could not free herself at all.

She was hence pushed along with the rest of the Lynd family through the secret passage.

Meanwhile, Nana was trying his best to free John from his chains in the basement.

The bodyguards watching him had left in a hurry after being told about the fire, but without a key, Nana
had no way of saving him.

Nana’s eyes went red in panic, but there was no doubting it now-she could not let John go even now,
and she wanted him to leave with her.

’What happened?” John asked her calmly, more less having a hunch that something happened.

’There’s a fire,” Nana said while restraining her frustration.

John’s heart skipped a beat-a fire? How?!

Nana then said, “The Cranstons did it.”

As John pursed his lips, Nana scoffed. “Was it worth it, Lucas? No… John?! You’d readily sacrifice
yourself for the Cranstons, but they set a fire that could kill you without caring if you’d survive! Don’t
you think you did yourself dirty?!”

‘That’s my business,” John said indifferently.

’Yes, it’s your business, but here I am trying to save you even though I might get killed too!” Nana
growled through her teeth. ’Guess I’m no better than you!’

’You don’t have to do this. Just go,’ John urged.

’I think so too, but I just can’t leave you alone here. Honestly, what have I done wrong that I have to
meet you in this life?!”

John did not answer.

However, his conscience was definitely not clear when it came to Nana, and he was not heartless
enough to dismiss how she repeatedly saved him. And yet…

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