A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1088

Keith growled with rising indignation then, “He probably wasn’t working alone, no-he must be working
with the Cranstons. Lucas would never have infiltrated the study if Sean did not lure us out of the
manor. And who else could dare set fire to our home, let alone have the balls to do it?!”

“We fell for their ploy?! We were this close to greatness… but they turned the tables on us?!” Jean
cried, her body shaking with rage right then.

‘ Mom, it’s not the time for regrets. We have to go-the fire is getting worse.”

‘If we do, we’d be letting the Cranstons in to get the document and destroy us!” Jean snapped viciously.

Though Keith was speechless, anyone could tell that the fire was to cause confusion while the
Cranstons sneaked in to take the document.

‘No, I’ll stay,” Jean growled resolutely. ‘I shall see who would have the spine to barge into my house!”

‘But it’s really dangerous, Mom. If we can’t stop the fire-“

“Go!” Jean said, making up her mind right there and then. “I’ve lived long enough. The family is in your
hands from now on!”

‘ Mom!” Keith cried in agitation, but it was obvious that his mother was ready to die and take the
Cranstons down with her.

“I’ll see for myself how far the Cranstons can go!” Jean snapped stubbornly. “Take the others and run
when you have to, Keith. You don’t have to worry about me.”

‘How could I just run and leave you behind…” Keith groaned.

The other Lynds chimed in. “Keith is right, Mom! If we have to run, we’ll do it together!”

‘We’d never leave you, Grandma. We have to go now!”

Jena simply waved them off. “I’ve already lived long enough for a person my age. You’re still young,
and the rest of the family legacy is up to you. All I hope is for everyone to support and love each other,
and work together to bring down the Cranstons to rise as the greatest dynasty in the nation! At the very
least, you’d be fulfilling my late husband’s wish.”



‘Save your breath. I’ve made up my mind,” Jean said coolly.

Keith certainly had more to say, but Jean told her, “You’re the eldest, Keith. The fate of the family rests
on your shoulders. It’s your duty now-make sure everyone gets out safely.”

And with that, Doug hurried inside. “Ma’am, we just can’t put out the fire. Also, the firemen just called,
saying that they can’t make it in time due to a car accident causing severe congestion.’

Jean naturally expected that-nothing would go the way they want now that the Cranstons had made
their move.

She made up her mind right then. ‘Keith, go. Take everyone with you.”

Everyone remained hesitant.




’No,” she said determinedly. “I won’t have the family die with me.”

“Just come with us,” Keith tried one last time nonetheless.

“Have you forgotten what I taught you, Keith?” Jean snapped at him, breathing very clearly just then, “If
you want to succeed, there is no place for kindness!”

Keith’s eyes flashed with determination right then, and he gritted his teeth as he turned to the others.
“Everyone, get ready. Do a headcount-then, we’ll leave via the secret passage!”

The rest of the family had no choice but to agree, seeing that Keith was going that far.

The fire was definitely getting worse, so no one dragged their feet and quickly left.

Soon, it was just Jean and Doug left in the living room.

Jean glared at her butler, snapping, “What are you doing here?’

“You’re the one I serve, ma’am. How could I leave when you’re staying?”

“You don’t have to die with me—”

“Your husband told me to pledge my loyalty to you before he died, and I shall therefore always stay by
your side!”

“Very well.” Jean gave in, her eyes narrowing viciously just then. “He never did fulfill his wish before he
died, but I’ll do it before I go too!”

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