A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1087

Sean was silent for a while, but he soon started calling his people.

There was no denying that Cordy’s idea was the best one they had right now-and the longer they
delayed, the less ideal the final outcome would be.

In fact, Cordy was right—things looked bad for John no matter what happened, and the only thing they
could do now was not waste his sacrifice.

Everything was ready in ten minutes, though Sean turned to look at Cordy and asked, “Are we really
doing this?’

Cordy nodded.

This was their only option-get the document, and John just might get a shot at survival.

And with that, Sean barked into his phone, “Go.”

’Yes, Mr. Cranston.”

And in just half an hour, Lynd Manor was covered in flames.

The towering inferno seemed to ignite out of nowhere.

It started outside the Lynd Manor compound, but with the electric fences as well as the lush vegetation,
the fire only continued to build up.

Within the manor, the servants were crying, “Fire! Fire! The compound is on fire!”

Every member of the Lynd family had been staying in the living room and waiting until they found the

In fact, they did not even have the time to just kill John to ease their spite just then.

One might even say that they were still holding out hope that he would talk.

Naturally, their faces fell from the servants’ cry, with Keith barking at one of them, “What did you say?!”

‘The compound is on fire and there’s no stopping it!” she quickly replied.

Keith quickly rushed out of the living room with the others in tow, while Jean alone remained in the
main chair, glowering.

Nana headed outside as well and found the entire compound burning, with a scent of gasoline in the

She did not have to guess that the fire was set deliberately, and the purpose went without saying.

But Nana did not say a word, because stopping the fire right now, judging from the state of the
flames… It was just impossible.

The only choice was to run.

At the instant she turned to leave, Keith was barking at the servants to extinguish the flames and call
the firemen while retreating into the living room.

‘ Mom, the whole place is on fire and the building will soon be too. We can’t stay here-it’s not safe,”
Kyle said quickly and urgently.

Jean slammed her palm down violently on the tea table, her sudden outburst leaving everyone in
deafening silence while the fire continued to crack resoundingly outside.

‘What a bunch of spineless worms! Do you think we’d all just capitulate in a single day?!” she snapped
viciously, her eyes red with sheer defiance. ‘To think Lucas alone would push us this far!”

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