A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1085

Nana could not believe that Lucas Lynch turned out to be John Levine.

But she had to, because that was reality.

Was that why John loved Cordy so much that he could die for her?

’Nana,” John said then, “don’t waste your time on me. It’s not worth getting yourself into trouble
because of me.’

‘Why not? Because you’ll never love me?’ Nana asked through tears.

‘Yes.” John nodded without hesitation.

’What if you never knew Cordy? Would you fall for me?” Nana asked meekly.

’Never.” John remained resolute. ‘There’s no ‘what if s’. I won’t ever fall for any woman other than

’But weren’t you happy with me before?”

’In retrospect, it was just licking each other’s wounds and compromising.’’

’Lucas!” Nana cried, almost breaking down right then. “Can’t you just lie to me once in the end?! Why
do you have to be so cruel to me?!”

John simply stayed silent, and Nana was left laughing as her tears gushed.

Yes-his love for Cordy was so sacred that not even death would sully it an inch.

’You’re right,” she said then. “I don’t have to waste time on you since you’re ready for the worst. Since
you’re so eager to die, so be it!”

With that, Nana gritted her teeth and turned to leave.

She had suffered enough pain from him and had no reason to keep humiliating herself.

Leaving the basement, she headed to the living room where she found her entire family sitting there,

Seeing that his daughter returned, Keith asked coolly, “So?’

Nana shook his head.

Keith was left glowering. “That’s the man you wanted to marry even if it kills you! Would this have
happened if not for you?!’

Nana bit her lip, but there was no arguing it—her family was in this situation because of her.

Meanwhile, Keith was shaking with rage. “The whole family has pampered you because of your health
ever since you were a child, and you have been smart and obedient. But how could you be so blind
when picking your partner?!”

Truly-the one they worried least about turned out to become the greatest threat of the family.

It incensed him the more he thought about it, and he barked, “Someone, bring me the whip! She
deserves as much for the mess she made!”

Nana was left staring at Keith in disbelief.

He never raised her voice with her, let alone lay a finger on her!

‘Forget it,” Jean said, suddenly stopping Keith. “Whatever has happened has happened, and it’s
pointless even if you beat her. The most important thing is that the document is still missing…”

Jean was scowling and wheeled on Nana. “You really don’t know anything? Don’t you know any places
he likely hid it?”

’No. He drugged me before bringing me back here,” Nana explained. “I don’t know a thing when I came
back, and when I woke up, Doug was already barging into my room looking for Lucas. After that, he
suddenly came back to my room, so I alerted everyone.”

Naturally, Nana would never mention that she had a brain fart and allowed John to escape once-she
would be dead if she did.

‘Doug can speak for me,” Nana added.

Doug came forward. “Yes, Ms. Lynd is speaking the truth.” Jean stopped suspecting her at that point.

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