A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1083

John shook his head ever so slightly.

The Lynds would never trust him, let alone allow a ticking time bomb to leave.

In fact, they would kill him whether he talked-sooner if he did.

“I promise you with my life, Lucas.” Nana persisted nonetheless. “Just tell us where the documents are,
and I can take you away with me. We’ll leave this place forever and never come back!”

“That’s impossible,” John said feebly, just as he did not want to drag Nana down with him.

He could tell that Nana would have no place in the family because of this either. In fact, if the Lynds
were feeling a little less forgiving, she would be dealt with the same way he was.

In fact, that was why he returned to Nana’s room when he realized he had nowhere to run. Most
importantly, he could make it clear to the Lynds that Nana was innocent, that she chose to side with her
family instead of him.

Even if they wanted to fault her, they would have to take that into consideration and be lenient toward

’This manor is only that huge. They’ll eventually find the documents—you don’t have to suffer for it.”
Nana continued to persuade him. “Nothing’s

more important than staying alive, Lucas. You’d have nothing if you’re dead. ■

And you shouldn’t waste your time. I’m not going to talk,” John said with considerable difficulty.

Nana looked at him with more hatred than pain just then.

How much more did she have to prostrate herself before him?

Did he feel nothing for her at all?!

’ Don’t push me, Lucas.” Nana was choking with tears even as she threatened him.

John stayed silent, which said everything she needed to know.

Nana was left laughing crazily as her tears streamed, and she snapped at one of the bodyguards, “Get
me the whip!”

The man promptly handed her the steel leash, which was still dripping wet in Lucas’ blood.

As John looked up at Nana, she snapped, “I have to do this since talking is pointless!”

She whipped him as hard as he could, leaving him flinching.

He thought he was numb to pain after the torture earlier, but that lashing left him with a heartrending
pain again.

Though he endured it and stopped himself from making a sound, his stubbornness only incensed

She kept lashing him repeatedly, leaving gruesome and bloody gashes over his skin.

Nana had no idea how many times she did it either-she just kept lashing out in rage, retaliating for all
the grief she was given.

When she was finally exhausted, she was panting and dropping the steel whip as she watched John
dangle against his restraints, on the verge of death.

Was he really going to die without giving in?!

She glared at him, her face contorted with spite even as she continued to heave.

Behind her, the bodyguard also noticed that John was not moving at all and promptly strode forward to
put a finger between his nose.

Nana bit her lip and told herself that she would never be sad-not even if she just killed John, because
he deserved it.

However, seeing the grim look on the bodyguard’s face and John not reacting, Nana was caught off
guard by a sudden pang of pain over her chest.

Working hard to control herself, she asked coolly, “Is he dead?” “He’s still breathing, but it’s very weak,”
the bodyguard said.

Nana pursed her lips.

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