A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1079

The doctor quickly called the cops, who rushed to the scene in less than ten minutes, for Cordy.

The instant the kidnappers saw the cops, they realized they had been tricked.

They promptly rushed into the emergency room, intent on taking Cordy away, but the cops had already
whipped out their guns and cornered them against the wall.

Seeing that the cops had restrained the men, Cordy promptly rushed out of the hospital, dragging
Patrick along as she left.


The cops called out to them, but they pretended not to hear as they left.

Once out of the hospital, they immediately stopped a cab and told the cabbie, ’To the airport, please.”


‘ And please lend us your phone.”

‘My friend and I were kidnapped and just made it out. I’m calling my family.”

The cabbie was skeptical, but he handed his phone to Cordy anyway.

Cordy promptly called Richard. “Hello Dicky?”

‘ Mommy,’ the boy sounded like he was on the verge of tears. “Where have you been? Are you in

After all, she had suddenly gone missing for 24 hours and was now calling with a number he did not

‘ No,” Cordy said. “I’m safe now and not in danger. It’s just some interference, but they meant well. I
can’t explain everything properly over the phone, and for now, tell Winston to book two plane tickets for
me and Patrick to the capital, as well as two cell phones for us. I’ll be waiting for him at the airport.”

‘What happened, Mommy?”

‘I don’t know the details either, which is why I’m going to the capital to find out.”

“Is it dangerous?”

‘ Don’t worry. I’ll take care of myself.”

“Can I come with you, Mommy?”

“No.” Cordy did not hesitate to refuse immediately.

Richard was obviously disappointed, so she explained, “It’s not like I don’t trust you, Dicky, and I don’t
want to leave you behind either. But you’re still young, and there’s a lot of things that you shouldn’t
have to shoulder at your age. And for me, I take great comfort in knowing that you’re as safe as you
can be, and I don’t want you to hurt.”

‘I know.” Richard was moody, but he accepted Cordy’s words immediately. “I’m not that strong right
now, and staying safe is the best for everyone.”

Cordy’s heart felt warm, though her nose turned runny as well.

Richard was sometimes so understanding that it hurt her—her boy was just ten and still a child, but he
had learnt to think from the standpoint of others.

‘I’ll definitely come home safely,’ Cordy said, keeping things short or her emotions would spiral out of

‘Okay. I’ll be waiting for you at home.”

Cordy hung up, hesitating for a moment if she should call Sean as well, but she eventually decided to
act first.

If it really was Sean, he would anticipate her arrival at the capital.

They arrived at the airport in an hour, and Cordy alighted to wait for Winston, who arrived in twenty
minutes and gave them everything he prepared.

‘ Ms. Sachs, your flight departs in half an hour-here are the plane tickets for Mr. Stuart and yourself.
I’ve also asked officials for temporary IDs for you to get on your flight, since you probably wouldn’t have
them since you don’t have your phone either.”

‘Yeah. Thanks,” Cordy and Patrick took their respective IDs before Cordy said, “Take good care of
Dicky for me. Also, I promised my cabbie a

tenfold cab fare. Please remember to pay him.”

‘Yes, Ms. Sachs.’

And with those words, she left with Patrick through the VIP passage, since their tickets were first-class.

However, as they boarded their flight, Cordy could not resist asking, ’Are you sure you want to come to
the capital with me, Patrick?”

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