A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1077


Patrick suddenly cried out in the room, and the door promptly opened as the man charged inside,
looking really worried. “What happened?!”

He then saw Cordy on the floor and shaking uncontrollably, while Patrick said nervously, “S-She said
her stomach hurts, like it would kill her!”

“Why?” the man asked in confusion as he dropped to a crouch to study Cordy, who appeared to be
caught in utter anguish.

‘ Maybe the food you brought in was poisoned?” Patrick suggested.

“No way! We hired a Michelin star chef!” the man blurted in panic.

Cordy blinked even as she kept pretending as if she was in pain.

At that very moment, he became dead sure that Sean was the one who had Patrick and her kidnapped.

‘It hurts…” She kept groaning in pain nonetheless.

“Take her to the hospital! Now!” Patrick cried.

‘It’s not food poisoning. She’ll be fine,” the man argued.

‘l-lt might be appendicitis,” Cordy stammered, making her sound like she was in a world of pain.

‘Appendicitis?’ The man did a double take.

Patrick quickly added, “Even if it’s just appendicitis, the pain could kill!”

The man rushed outside without delay, clearly to make a call, asking for orders softly. “Mr. Cranston?
Ms. Sachs says that her stomach hurts, and it might be appendicitis. What should we do now? Take
them to the hospital?”

Sean had been quietly rushing to Lynd Manor.

He received the text John sent him and immediately felt a foreboding sensation.

John never said anything, but it felt like he was writing his will.

Then, he got the call from the kidnapper and became quiet after hearing her report.

He was the one who had Cordy and Patrick kidnapped, though John suggested it—the man suggested
that the Lynds would go all out in retaliation once he made his move against them, and Cordy would be
one of their targets.

That was why Sean agreed to it without hesitation, and he certainly had to give it to the man for being

Whatever happened in the end, he did not want Cordy involved or anything to happen to her.

Likewise, he knew Cordy well enough that she would definitely want to be a part if she found out he
was moving against the Lynds.

Most importantly, he must admit his personal agenda in the matter.

John was not only the lynchpin in the plan, but he was also the one who was exposed to most risk.

Even if he was not confident about it, John was ready and willing to sacrifice himself to take down the

And if something really happened to John… No matter how much Cordy insisted that it was over
between her and John, even confirming her relationship with Patrick, that was not assured when John’s
life was on the line.

That was why the most ideal solution was to stage a kidnapping and to take Cordy and Patrick away to
someplace safe. She would be released once they succeed.

Naturally, Sean considered the prospect of failure, and he had arranged for Cordy be transported to

But Cordy ultimately noticed-Sean did not need much thinking and was basically positive that Cordy
was faking her stomach ache.

However, he could not afford to gamble right now, since that meant gambling with Cordy’s health.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he said, “Take her to the hospital.”

‘Yes, sir.”

And keep a close eye on her.” “Yes, sir.”

The man hung up and quickly returned to the room.

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