A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1070

John remained calm despite the cold sweat beaded on his forehead.

Given how large the study was, it was not easy trying to find some confidential documents that were
probably hidden very well.

After ten minutes, John did not manage to find anything.

After twenty minutes, he still did not make any progress.

After thirty minutes…

Sweat rolled down his face and dripped down his chin.

Just then, Sean texted him. [Quick! The Lynds are about to reach home!]

John remained calm, and he calmly continued his search.

In the Cranston residence, Jean yelled angrily, “Sean, I watched you grow up and I know you to be a
mature and sensible man. How could you pull such a joke on us?”

The Lynds realized that ‘Jesse’ was a fake and Sean had no choice but to come clean.

“Grandaunt, I came here today to confess to you the truth.” Sean tried his best to drag out the time,
“I’ve always suspected that Grandfather’s

incident was a deliberate act by someone, so I wanted to use this method to expose the guilty culprit.
But it’s been so long and I’ve gotten nothing. I really don’t want to keep you in the dark any longer, so
I’m taking the initiative to tell you the truth.”

“Even so. I’m your grandfather’s biological sister. How could you hide something so major from me?!”

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t think this through.” Sean apologized. “We had no choice either.”

“So where is your grandfather right now?” Jean asked with anger in her voice.

“I sent him to another place for rest and recuperation. It’s very safe there.”

‘Safe? Since you think that someone might want to harm your grandfather and it’s clearly someone of
close proximity to us, yet you don’t know who he is until now, how can you say with such certainty that
your grandfather is safe?” Jean questioned him.

Sean put on a look of embarrassment.

’Say no further. Bring me to see your grandfather right now. Since you can’t protect him well, I’ll take
care of him instead.”

“Grandaunt…” Sean was hesitant.

“Aside from having your grandfather by my side, I won’t feel at ease handing him over to anyone else!”
Jean said determinedly.

Sean refused to give in.

On one hand, he wanted to show his sincerity. On the other hand, he wanted to give John more time.

“What, you don’t even trust me?” Jean’s face changed.

‘Of course not, if I were to doubt you, I wouldn’t have called you over.”

“Then hurry up and bring me to your grandfather,” Jean ordered him.

Sean finally relented. “All right then. But it’s quite far away.”

“That’s not a problem. Let’s drive over right now, hurry!”


Sean led Jean out of Cranston House.

Sean sat in his car and led the entourage, occasionally glancing at the cars behind him.

He could not possibly bring the Lynds to his grandfather. If he did, his grandfather would be doomed to

It was akin to sending a sheep into a lion’s den.

Thus, he had to shake off the Lynds midway and he had to do it at the right time.

If he took too long, the Lynds might become suspicious. He could only drag out the time for John as
best as he could…

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