A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1064

This was no different from when they were not married!

’I said that your health is more important.”

“Are you taking revenge on me? I forced you to be with me and you’re taking revenge on me by
treating me like this!” Nana broke down and yelled.

“No,” John said coldly, completely unmoved by Nana’s mood swing.

Nana was scared to death by Lucas’ behavior.

She would rather Lucas fight with her and flare up at her. At least she would know what he was feeling.

But the way he was acting now made her suspect that Lucas treated her as invisible like air.


She could not accept that.

She risked her life to be with him not so that they could lead the rest of their lives like this!

“Lucas, I’m going to sleep in the same room with you tonight,” Nana announced as she held back her

“The doctor said that won’t do for now!”

“I don’t care about that. I want it and I want it right now!”

The moment she said that, she threw herself into John’s arms, but he took a side step and Nana

She looked at him. “Do you hate me that much?”

“I just don’t want unnecessary trouble. If something untoward happens to you if we sleep in the same
room, I don’t know how to explain things to your grandmother.”

“That’s enough, Lucas! Stop it with your self-righteous explanation. I know exactly what you’re
thinking!” Nana had almost enough.

She had enough of Lucas’ cold indifference toward her.

John suddenly became silent under Nana’s questioning.

Nana saw the look on John’s face and sneered. “I got it right, didn’t I?”

“Yes.” John decided to go all out.

Nana’s expression changed drastically.

“Since you know what I’m thinking, why must you force me?”

“Cordy is already with Patrick!” Nana reminded him.

“This has nothing to do with her.”

“It’s all because of her!”

‘More importantly, I am not attracted to you,” John declared. “If you can make me fancy you, why would
I find another woman unforgettable?” 1

“Lucas Lynch!” Nana shrieked.

She could not accept how direct John’s words were!

“I have no way of objecting to our marriage, but I have the ability to decide what I do with my own body.
Nana Lynd, I will never touch you!”

With that, he grabbed Nana’s arm and pushed her out of the room hard.

Nana shrieked at the top of her voice, refusing to leave the room.

She must sleep with John tonight.

“Lucas, aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill myself tonight?”

‘ No, I’m not,” John said frankly. “Instead of suppressing and torturing myself, I’d rather die with you and
seek relief from such a life. I’ve thought

it through. If you really were to die, I’ll die with you.”


“If you die tonight, I’ll commit suicide tomorrow! Mark my words!” John said coldly.

With that, he refused to say another word and simply drove Nana out of his room.

He then turned around and slammed his door.

Nana stared at the closed door, her eyes all red and filled with fury and hatred!

Lucas did not fear death, but would he fear Cordy’s death?

Since he was only threatened by Cordy, she had no choice but to use Cordy to her advantage.

‘Lucas Lynch, you asked for this.’

She grabbed her phone and dialed a number. “Kill Cordy Sachs. No matter what you do, that woman
must die!”

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