A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1063

‘Now that you’ve mentioned it, I find it strange, too.” Patrick agreed. ’That woman Nana isn’t a decent
person. If we were to end up in her hands, she’d definitely torture us to death!”

’So… who could it be?! Aside from her, I don’t think I’ve offended anyone else,” Cordy said

‘Could it be… the Sachs?’ Patrick reminded her.

Cordy was stunned.

She had not contacted the Sachs for a long while. To her, the Sachs were a bunch of losers who would
not dare to make any waves under her nose. In fact, they had to do her bidding. Otherwise, she could
reduce them to nothing!

After a moment’s doubt, Cordy said with certainty, ‘Impossible. They don’t have such guts. The Sachs
clearly know that they will lose whatever standing they have in North City without me. They’d never
shoot themselves in the foot!”

‘Right,” Patrick nodded, believing in Cordy’s words unconditionally. “Then who could it be?! Could it
really be my enemy?”

Cordy really had no idea.

‘But no matter who it is, what exactly is his objective in kidnapping us?” Cordy could not figure it out.
“Why does it feel like he wants to put us under house arrest instead of doing us any real harm?”

‘Let’s wait it out.” Patrick sighed helplessly. “I refuse to believe that this person’s objective is to lock us
up for life.’

“Yeah,” Cordy responded in agreement.

They were not very happy that they were kidnapped for no rhyme or reason, but there was nothing they
could do now.

After all, they could neither see the mastermind nor escape.

Aside from waiting, there was no other way.

In a dark and quiet alley in the capital, in the dark night, where no one else was around…

’We’ve kidnapped them,” a man said in a low voice.

’Okay,” another man replied.

‘Shall we make a move tomorrow?” the man asked.

“If nothing goes wrong,” the other man replied.

‘Okay.” The man hesitated for a moment before agreeing to it. “Watch out for safety.’

‘I will.” The other man put out his cigarette and said, “Wait for my update.”

With that, he stood up to leave.

There was a black car parked at the entrance of the alley.

The man got into the car and the driver drove off to the district located in prime land.

John got out of the car and entered the elevator.

The numbers on the elevator flashed in order as the elevator rose.

When the elevator reached his floor, John unlocked the door and went in.

A dim light was left switched on, novelbob and Nana was still awake.

He seldom headed out at night nor returned home so late, but each time, Nana would be waiting for
him in the living room.

’It’s late. Why are you still awake?” John asked Nana.

‘I can’t sleep when you’re not back yet.”

‘Turn in early,” John said bluntly.

With that, he turned around and walked into the bedroom.

Right before he shut his door, novelbob Nana squeezed herself through it.

John stared at her.

‘Lucas, when exactly are you going to be willing to sleep with me in the same room?”

’The doctor said that given your physical condition, we cannot share the same room for the time being.”

‘I know my own body condition very well.”

’I’ll only listen to the doctor.’

‘Are you listening to the doctor or actually not interested in me at all?!” Nana said agitatedly.

They had been married for so long, yet Lucas had been keeping a distance from her.

Even when they moved to live together, Lucas remained indifferent to her and they continued sleeping

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