A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1062

But since Nana managed to kidnap her, and since she landed in Nana’s hands, why did Nana not kill

By right, given Nana’s character, she would never give Cordy a chance to survive.

Was Nana going to torture her before killing her?!

“Cordy, don’t fear,’ Patrick said. “Even if we were to die, we’ll stay together.”

Was he trying to comfort her?!

Cordy squirmed around once again.

She tried to stand up but was unable to move at all.

’Patrick, can you move?”

“I can’t. I tried,” Patrick said helplessly.

“I can’t move either.”

’You said that we’re being kidnapped.”

‘I can only think of Nana Lynd,” Cordy said frankly.

“Me too. The first thought I had was that Nana is behind this. She can’t accept the affections that you
and John have for each other, so she wants to kill you and put an end to everything. However…”
Patrick went on, “If it were her, we’d be dead by now.”

“So I suspect that Nana might want to torture me before killing me.”

“Is she that perverted and twisted inside?”

“More so than you imagine her to be.”

‘In that case, we must find a way to escape!’ Patrick exclaimed through gritted teeth.

“How can we do that? We don’t even know where we are!”

’D*mn it!” Patrick could not help but curse.

“Since we’re already kidnapped, I’m sure someone is watching us. Think of a way to make some noise
and attract their attention!” Cordy suggested.


Patrick suddenly yelled, “Help! Help! Someone is dying!’

It was not hard to guess that Patrick was a politician.

But thankfully, it worked.

The door was opened.

Dim light shone from the door and a tall man appeared. He had his back against the light and his face
could not be seen, but they sensed that he was someone unfamiliar.

“What’s the matter?” the man yelled.

’I need to pee!”

“Are you crazy?!” The man cursed.

“Don’t you know that humans have natural urges? I drank so much and my bladder’s about to burst. If I
were to hold it in any longer, I’d get internal injuries even if I didn’t die.”

“Wait here!”

The man turned to leave, not forgetting to shut the door before he left.

A short while later, the door opened once more.

The man from earlier walked in and directly toward Patrick with a pail in his hands. “Pee in this!”

’There’s a woman right here!”

“Do you want to pee or not?”

“I need to poo. You can’t just let me poop in here!”

The man appeared disgusted by Patrick.

He hesitated for a moment before pulling out a blindfold from his pocket and tying it over Patrick’s eyes.

He then untied the twine binding Patrick’s legs and ordered, “Come with me. Don’t you dare play any

Patrick was brought away by the man, and the room became even quieter.

After a long while, Patrick finally returned.

His legs were tied back up again and the door was shut tight.

“Did you see our surroundings outside?” Cordy asked.

“Not at all,” Patrick said, “The blindfold was too effective.”

’I saw the inside of the room with the dim light just now. This looks like a bedroom.”

’Yeah, I realized that too.”

“So we should be in some kind of apartment.’

’And then?”

’I suspect this isn’t Nana’s doing.”

“But if it’s not her, who else could it be? Who else would have a grudge against you?”

“Why not a grudge against you?”

’I…” Patrick was stunned for a moment, “I don’t think so…” ’I just think that if it were Nana, she wouldn’t
treat us so well. If she wanted to kidnap us, she would have thrown us into the wilderness and made us
suffer. Why would she hold us in such a comfortable room?!”

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