A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1060

But hearing Jay say with such certainty that his heart would ache for her…

Happiness filled her heart.

She really wanted to kiss him in front of everyone, but she was worried that Jay would bury his head in
the ground out of embarrassment.

’Jay, I didn’t mean that your heart wouldn’t ache for me. I meant that you wanted me to go home so
early surely because you want me to bear many children for you, enough to make up a basketball

Cordy burst out laughing.

Meanwhile, Quinn barely managed to hold in her laughter, chuckling inwardly as she sipped on her

She did not drink much, but it was not little either.

Jay’s ears turned completely red. He held on tight to Zoe and left in a hurry on his wheelchair.

Over the years, they had never seen Jay so awkward before.

Indeed, every person has his own weakness.

After they left, Quinn put down her wine glass and said, “Let’s go, too.”

“Wait,” Cordy grabbed Quinn’s arm and said, “I’ll drink with you.”

‘Huh?” Quinn was taken aback.

Zoe had already left, so why would they continue drinking?

Did she not say that they were drunk?

‘Zoe loses all control of herself the moment she starts drinking. She should go home early to bear
children for Jay, enough to make up a basketball team,” Cordy explained.

Quinn could not hold back her laughter. She asked again, “What about Patrick?”

Patrick was hunched over the table.

If Zoe had not left, he would have continued putting up a front.

The moment she left, he immediately collapsed on the table.

‘Let him sleep for a while.”

’Okay.’ Quinn did not refuse Cordy’s offer.

The two of them began drinking.

‘Why do you go to the capital so frequently?” Quinn said in surprise.

’I have some things to settle.”

‘Private affairs?”

“You can say so,” Cordy replied. “It’s not that I want to hide it from you and Zoe, but I just don’t want the
two of you worrying about me.’

’Is it very dangerous?” Quinn asked nervously.

’A little.”

Quinn pursed her lips.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll protect myself well.’

’Okay.’ Quinn nodded.

When she had no way of helping Cordy, the only thing she could do was to trust Cordy.

“Just like that.”

To be accurate, she had always been down, but the moment Sam’s name was mentioned, it made her
feel even worse.

’Do you like Sam?”

“I don’t know.” Quinn shook her head. “But I really just want to spend my life with him, but I don’t know
how to communicate that with him. He seems to be very annoyed with me.”

‘Could it be possible that you did not show him how sincere you are?”

Quinn bit her lip.


Each time she wanted to talk to Sam, she would not insist the moment Sam rejected her.

She felt that she was simply respecting Sam’s wishes, but would Sam think that she was just casually
asking him?

But each time she was faced with Sam’s couldn’t-care-less attitude, she found it extremely difficult to
talk to him calmly.

‘ Actually, I think the problem between you two lies with you, not him,’ Cordy said seriously.

‘Huh?” Quinn did not understand.

Between the two of them, the one who had been avoiding the issue had always been Sam.

Although Sam did not fool around with women as much as he did in the past, it was true that he
seemed indifferent to her.

’You should first figure out what you feel about Sam and if you truly, faithfully want to be with him for
your entire life. If you’re not even sure about that, how do you expect Sam to feel your sincerity?” Cordy
said helplessly, “To be honest, even I think that your affection for him feels more like gratitude, let alone

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