A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1058

He always thought that people from the entertainment circle were supposed to be more tactful.

Zoe was clearly an exception, being so straight-talking in nature.

“I’ll do my best to satisfy everyone,” Patrick promised eagerly.

“It’s not important whether we are satisfied. What matters most is whether Cordy is satisfied.”

“I’m pretty satisfied,” Cordy said.

“Tsk tsk, starting with some public displays of affection already, aren’t we?” Zoe teased.

Cordy blushed, and Patrick felt rather shy too.

Things looked pretty good between the two of them.

“Drinks tonight?” Zoe suggested.

“I’m good with that,” Patrick said bravely.

“Sounds like you hold your liquor well?”

“Not too bad.” Patrick did not bother acting humble, and Cordy did not stop him.

A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit, after all.

With Zoe around, the atmosphere around the table fired up in no time.

Zoe was in a pretty good mood and drank quite a bit.

Jay could not take alcohol so all he did was to sit at the side and pour alcohol for Zoe while
occasionally softly reminding Zoe not to drink so much.

Zoe used her ability to drink like a fish as an excuse to dismiss Jay’s reminders.

Of course, the words from Zoe that effectively shut Jay up were, “With you around, I don’t even need to
fear Hades.”

That filled Jay with confidence.

After a few rounds of drinks, Cordy needed to go to the washroom.

Zoe was still putting down shots with Patrick around the table, while Quinn was simply keeping them

After Cordy was done with the washroom, she saw Jay waiting outside for her.

Cordy was not surprised to see him.

She took the hint and walked to the balcony in the private room.

The beautiful night scenery welcomed them.

Cordy had been in the capital for way too long. Suddenly seeing the familiar lights in the night hit her
with a strong sense of nostalgia.

“Have some warm water.” Jay handed her a glass.

‘Thank you.”

Jay was always so thoughtful, even preparing a glass of warm water beforehand.

She did not drink much alcohol.

It was mainly Zoe and Patrick who were busy with the alcohol.

As for Quinn, she seemed to be drowning her sorrows with drinks.

‘Have you truly let things go?” Jay asked.

‘What else?” Cordy said with a smile.

Things had already come to this point. How could she not have let go of things?

Jay should know very well that she was a rational woman.

How could she allow things to progress to this point if she had not truly let go of things?

‘That’s pretty good.” Jay smiled. “Congratulations.”

‘Thank you.”

‘But I’m curious as to why you suddenly let go of things. Of course, it’s not that I think you should
remain a widow for John. I just simply think that you’re not one to let go of things easily.”

‘Because…” Cordy paused for a long while before saying slowly, “I’m tired. Perhaps, I think it’s not
worth it.”

’Huh?” Jay furrowed his brows.

He could understand why she would be tired.

But saying that it was not worth it…

If he guessed it correctly, John’s death had something to do with Cordy.

Yet, after so many years, Cordy was suddenly saying that it was not worth it

“Perhaps you might understand why I said that very soon.” Cordy chuckled. It was a chuckle that meant
that she was no longer bothered by the past.

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