A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1054

Nancy brought her emotions under control and said calmly, “As long as you’re good to Dicky.” ’I read
the news online and saw that you and Jay…* Cordy decided to go ahead and ask.

Cordy had rushed back today because she indeed cared for Nancy’s life and death. Whatever it was,
Nancy remained Richard’s grandaunt and she treated Richard very well. On the other hand, Cordy also
wanted to take the chance to talk to Nancy about Jay and Zoe.

’Don’t talk about him. It only makes me angry.” Nancy’s face turned dark with displeasure. “I did not
expect to have raised such an ingrate after putting in so many years of hard work. He has truly
forgotten how well I treated him back then!”

’Impossible. You’re being extreme about it,” Cordy said frankly.

Nancy stared at Cordy.

She knew that Cordy was friends with Zoe and Jay, but she felt that Cordy should have her priorities in

‘ Are you standing on Jay’s side in this matter?!” Nancy’s face fell.

“I’m not taking anybody’s side. I just think that everyone has their own way of life and shouldn’t impose
their own desires on someone else.” Cordy looked at Nancy as she went on. “Jay did not interrupt your
life and in the same way, you should not be meddling in his affairs.”

‘Meddling in his affairs?! As long as it isn’t Zoe York, even if he ends up with a beggar, I’ll support him
as long as he loves her. He clearly knows that Zoe and I…”

’Zoe not being your daughter was only known subsequently. But Jay loved Zoe way before the right to
think that Jay let you down and that you’re not destroying his chance for love?!”

“I-” Nancy was silenced by Cordy’s words.

’Zoe did not commit murder, arson, or any crimes. There is no major flaw in her character and does not
deserve you targeting her. Of course, it’s not like you targeting her has any impact. You have seen for
yourself that Jay isn’t affected by your threats at all,” Cordy said bluntly.

She did so despite the fact that Nancy was still lying on the hospital bed.

Nancy was clearly angered by Cordy’s words.

‘I did not threaten Jay. Since he treated me like this, I saw no need for me to show him any affection,’
Nancy said coldly.

‘Perhaps you truly don’t have any affection for Jay, but your dominant character from a young age has
caused the desire to control and lord it over others to take root in your heart. You can’t accept Jay’s
opposition and so you’re resorting to all kinds of ways to make him regret it and give in.’ Cordy hit the
nail on the head.

Nancy’s face darkened by the minute as Cordy said her piece.

She asked coldly, “Cordy Sachs, is your aim of coming here today really for Dicky to visit me?”

Nancy was not a stupid woman. Having navigated high-class society since she was young, she had
long honed her ability to see through people.

’It’s not just that. I just think that you’re being extreme in dealing with Jay on this matter, which is why I
wanted to come and persuade you otherwise. ■

’That is my internal family affair and has nothing to do with you!” Nancy yelled.

’That is true.” Cordy did not get angry.

Perhaps she truly saw herself as part of the Levine family after John passed away, and she continued
seeing herself as John’s wife.

But now, she no longer was.

John had his own life, and she had started her own life anew.

Aside from being Richard’s mother, she had no relationship with the Levine family whatsoever.

’This is why I am advising you from the perspective of a bystander who might see things clearer than

“I don’t need your advice. I know very clearly what I’m doing and what I want. It’s not your place to be
meddling in my affairs.”

‘You find it annoying when others meddle in your own affairs. In the same way, Jay feels so too. What’s
worse for him is that you are hurting the person he loves the most,” Cordy said neither haughtily nor
meekly, refusing to back down before Nancy.

Nancy looked coldly at Cordy.

She clearly did not want to speak further with Cordy, who took the hint and said, “I shan’t bother you
any further. Have a good rest.”

Nancy stayed silent.

She was beginning to have hard feelings for Cordy.

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