A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1053

Nancy looked on in disbelief at Jay and Zoe leaving heartlessly.

There was no hint of hesitation whatsoever.

‘Jay Parker!”

Nancy yelled at him with all her might.

Jay pretended not to hear her and left unperturbed with Zoe.

‘ Are you really trying to force me to my death?” Nancy questioned him in a loud voice.

Jay refused to respond to her.

Fights never resulted in any outcomes. Real actions were what counted.

Unable to hold it in any longer, Cora charged toward Jay and Zoe in an attempt to stop them from
leaving, but before she could do so, Cordy stood right in front of Cora, blocking her way.

Cora stared at Cordy.

’If you don’t want things to spiral out of control, I suggest you don’t go to them,” Cordy said coldly.

Cora bit her lips, clearly unwilling to concede defeat.

Nancy said through gritted teeth, “Don’t chase after them. I, Nancy Levine, don’t need their pity!”

Cora heard Nancy’s words and turned back to her. “How are you feeling, Mom?”

“I’m fine.”

“Let’s send the patient back to the ward first,” one of the nurses suggested.

They began wheeling Nancy to the VIP ward.

In the ward, Cora stayed relentlessly by Nancy’s side, talking to her even as her eyes grew red with
unshed tears.

Cordy, Patrick, and Richard were in the ward as well.

“Cordy, why are you here too?” Nancy asked.

She had finally calmed down.

‘ Mom, I was the one who called her here. I was so scared, so…”

“I should be here,” Cordy cut in. “You’re sick, so I brought Dicky here to visit you.”

“Dicky, let me take a look at you.” Nancy’s voice turned gentle and kind as she spoke to Richard.

Richard walked toward Nancy and greeted her respectfully. “Grandaunt.”

“I haven’t seen you for so long.” Nancy held Richard’s hand as she reminisced.

After a long while, Nancy finally noticed Patrick.

She furrowed her brows. “What brings you here, Mr. Stuart?”

Dirty laundry within the family should not be aired in public, and she did not want more people
witnessing her in such a terrible state.

What was more, she knew that Patrick was not an easy man to deal with.

“Madam Levine, I am Cordy’s boyfriend.” Patrick introduced himself with grandiose.

“What?” Nancy was in shock.

Cordy had a new boyfriend!

What about John?!

“Grandaunt, Mr. Stuart is a good man.” Richard could sense the change in Nancy’s attitude and
immediately spoke up.

Nancy was clearly still upset.

But whatever it was, John had passed away and she could not possibly demand Cordy to remain a
widow her entire life.

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