A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1050

Seeing Jay’s action, Zoe got up from bed.

Even if she was still sleepy and exhausted, she did not hesitate at all, as she wanted to go with Jay.

When Jay noticed her action, he said, “You can rest at home…”

“I want to go with you.” Zoe sounded firm.

“You don’t have to worry about the Levine family’s affairs,” Jay uttered seriously. “Don’t worry. I’ll come
back even if it’s a serious incident.”

“I won’t be worried that you’ll be threatened by Nancy, let alone worried that you’ll abandon me. After
all, you’ve loved me for so many years. You can’t bear to part with me,” Zoe explained smugly. “It’s just
that I’m your wife. I have the obligation to share your difficulties.”

However, Jay was still slightly hesitant.

He was reluctant to see Zoe suffer any grievances in front of the Levines.

“We’re a married couple. Your affairs are my concerns too. Although the Levine family holds a deep
grudge against me, they’re your family. So, I’m willing to accept them for you.’

Jay stared at Zoe in disbelief.

If it were someone else, they would hate the Levine family to the core.

However, she could behave so generously.

“I’m not the Virgin Mary. I’m just…” Zoe looked at Jay. “In comparison with the unhappiness they
brought me, the happiness you brought me is so much greater. So, I don’t care very much regardless
of what they do.”

Jay’s smile was full of tenderness but with a tinge of helplessness.

He knew that it was not as easy as she made it sound.

But at that moment, he was still warmed and touched by her words.

“Let’s go. Don’t waste time.” Zoe hurriedly urged Jay.

Jay was already very fast.

While they were talking, he did not stop putting on his clothes.

After getting dressed up, they did not manage to freshen up before Zoe pushed Jay out of the room.

Clara was making breakfast outside.

On the other hand, Yelena was still sleeping.

When Clara saw their hurried backs, she asked, “Why did you wake up so early? Where are you
going? Aren’t you going to have breakfast? Are you going to work?”

Clara walked to the vestibule from the kitchen, where Zoe and Jay were changing their shoes to go out.

“Nancy tried to kill herself,” Zoe blurted out.

As a result, Clara was struck dumb on the spot.

After saying that, Zoe realized what she had just said, and she pursed her lips slightly. “I’m going there
with Jay to check her out.”

“Hmm, go ahead.” Clara did not say anything else, nor did she reveal any emotions either.

On the contrary, she smiled kindly. “Be careful.”

Zoe nodded, and they quickly left.

The driver soon rushed over to give them a ride to the Levine family’s private hospital.

Cora was sitting all alone in the empty corridor. Her figure looked lonely and slim. She even covered
her face with her hands and at the same time, she inevitably sobbed ceaselessly.

Zoe had no sympathy for Cora.

She was not so kind to someone who had ulterior motives toward her.

She suddenly felt mentally troubled merely because of her reverence for life.

Seemingly sensing the emotions she suppressed, Jay tightened his grasp around her hand. “Don’t be
scared. You have me even if anything happens.”

“Hmm.” Zoe nodded.

Jay could indeed give her an endless sense of security.

At that moment, Cora seemed to have heard the noise in the corridor, so she turned around to look

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