A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1036

Zoe looked at Jay in turn, her heart racing for some reason.

She began to tense up, as she suddenly had this feeling that Jay had been hiding a lot from her.

She just had no idea what it was…

Jay turned back toward the journalists then.

They had been getting restless again a moment ago but were once again tame like a puppy, even
keeping their breaths silent as if worried that Jay would stop talking if they disturbed him.

He certainly had everyone on tenterhooks, but the man himself remained calm and unhurried.

He said, “As everyone would be aware, I was adopted into the Levine family by Alan Levine. However,
the truth is…”

Jay gulped.

It was a very well-hidden secret that only Alan and his biological mother knew, but he eventually found

The ever-intelligent John found out later as well, and eventually the whole family.

And now, the entire nation would as well…

Even so, Jay’s voice remained even. “I am Alan Levine’s illegitimate son.”


All the journalists present exclaimed in shock, while Zoe was obviously stunned as well.

She was left staring at Jay in disbelief-it never crossed her mind that Jay was actually Alan’s own son
and not adopted!

She had always presumed that Jay tiptoed around everyone in the Levine family because he was
adopted. She just did not expect Jay to be Alan’s own son while she was really the one who had no
biological relations to that family!

She suddenly remembered how she always mocked Jay for being the Levines’ lapdog…

Oh, the disgrace!novel.ebook.com

Nonetheless, Jay remained calm and composed. “I’m sure everyone is curious why I would suddenly
reveal this secret. After all, everyone kept for over thirty years, and it’s unnecessary at this point! Don’t
worry, I’m not trying to drown out my own scandal with this secret-however, this secret is the reason
why a relationship started budding between myself and Zoe.”

The journalists quieted down again, seemingly infected by Jay’s composure.

“Now that I mentioned it, the tales one could uncover from Levine Manor are legendary. I always
thought myself adopted, while Zoe was Alan’s granddaughter, related by blood. The tables have really
turned since then…”

Jay chuckled as he said that-fate was not without its irony.

“Hold on.” One journalist stopped him. “Zoe York was Alan Levine’s granddaughter? Don’t you mean
Cora Levine?!”nvëlx.o

“Yes. Zoe used to be Alan’s granddaughter, but it’s now Cora,” Jay said bluntly. “Everyone in the Levine
family certainly believed Zoe to be part of the family until Cora showed up, and the truth was unveiled.
If I may ask, would anyone here disagree that Zoe bears a strong resemblance to Cora?”

The journalists started to whisper among each other in discussion.

The press had certainly commented how Cora resembled Zoe when Cora rose to stardom in showbiz,
seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

However, such articles or content would immediately disappear soon after they were published. Also,
since Cora’s career was rising to new heights every other week while Zoe disappeared from showbiz
entirely, no one mentioned that ever again.

‘ It’s a saying that what happens in the family stays in the family… but if they hurt those who matter
most to me, I won’t hold back either.” Jay’s expression turned grim as he spoke bluntly. “And the truth
is, Zoe and Cora share the same father but have different mothers-lvan York had a daughter with
another woman who wanted revenge against him and switched Zoe and Cora while they were still
infants since they were born at almost the same time.”

“In other words, Nancy Levine raised Zoe in Levine Manor for twenty-five years until an accident
revealed her true identity and Zoe was forced out of the family. That was the same day Zoe suddenly
disappeared from showbiz, and every creative work she was involved in had in turn been taken off the

“Only the Levine family is capable of that… At the time, that is!”

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