A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1040

Jay then continued, “Somehow, destiny granted me yet another boon-the fine gentleman was forced to
break up with Zoe because of family reasons … or perhaps it would be more accurate to say Zoe did
not want him to be caught in a difficult situation, which would lead to him being disowned like she was.
She decided to break up with him and used the excuse that she wasn’t over me. I was certainly
honored that I could be her love even for one night, to put up an act with her, so that the gentleman
believed that we got back together.

“After the man left, Zoe offered her body to me as reward… though it would be more accurate to say
that she just didn’t want to owe me.”

Jay blinked just then as if to recall the bliss of that night. “I could tell that she was not actually willing,
that she wanted to do it just to strengthen her resolve to leave the gentleman. Even so, that was the
happiest night of my life.

‘ However, I had to leave before daybreak the next morning for a film, and Zoe was still sound asleep
when I left. I couldn’t bear waking her, so I left her a note to tell her to wait for me. My intention was to
propose when I was done with work that day, and I would have refused to let go even if she refused-
even if she did not love me anymore. I had my assistant buy a ring fit for her finger and a surprise
proposal… But I was rushing on my way back from the film set and met with an accident. I almost did
not survive at the time when my car slid off a cliff.”

Zoe’s tears were welling in her eyes.

She remembered how long she had been waiting for him that day, and she was actually not as
disenchanted as she thought.

She always believed that she did not love Jay that much anyway and would gladly accept that he never

And yet, her heart was now numbed from the pain.

If she had known Jay loved her so much that he almost died trying to propose to her, she would not
have left at all.

Nor would she have lied to herself that she no longer loved Jay, even if she probably would not hold out
much hope for him, because she had been thoroughly every time she did before.nvëlx.o

And in worse cases, she thought she could die.

“It was months later when I finally regained consciousness. I was being treated abroad, and Alan
Levine was there with me. He was the one who told me that my right leg was crippled.”

Jay smiled faintly even as he continued his story, as if all those troubled times were past him. “The only
thought I had was that I no longer deserved Zoe, and I felt the same way I did when I first met her-that
she was an angel I could never reach. However, while I could work hard during my younger days to
bridge our distance, I am now permanently a cripple. I would never be whole again, no matter how hard
I try.

“I therefore knew very well that I should never impose on her, but ultimately I could not stop myself from
calling her number. I was always thinking: what if she was still waiting for me? What if? I should at least
offer an explanation in that case. However, the only response I got was that her number was no longer
in service, and I thought I had the answer. I used to hurt her so much, and even though I had no
choice, she would never know that. To her, I’d be the cruelest being there is, so why would she still love

“I therefore gave up and told myself that this was the best outcome. I’d never emotionally blackmail her
to be with me-she made her choice, and I must respect her.”

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