A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1035

Jay’s eyes were obviously leveled at the journalists before them, but he also reached out to her right
then and gave her hand a squeeze.

His hand was so obviously warm, and Zoe suddenly relaxed considerably in an instant-not because
Jay offered her a sense of security, or that she was convinced Jay could handle this perfectly, but she
just felt that she could take it, however things would turn out.

As long as Jay was at her side, even an apocalypse did not seem that serious.

Well, she did not even mind admitting now that she had fallen in love with Jay again, to the point that
she lost her sense of self.

He had hurt her so grievously, and she swore never to love him again.

And yet, once he changed, all her defenses were broken down.

Honestly, Jay was going to ruin her life. If the day came when he suddenly stopped loving her, she had
only her own bad luck to blame.

But now, she could not care less-she wanted to run the distance with him.

And so she could not help squeezing Jay’s hand in turn at that very moment, a gesture to tell him that
she trusted him.

Jay’s lips curled up into a smile, and he slowly said, “If everyone can settle down for a moment. Neither
Zoe nor myself can speak if you keep barraging us endlessly.”nvëlx.o

At those words, the room turned quiet.

With that, Jay continued, “Zoe and I have come to issue a direct response regarding a recent leak. We
will answer all questions concerned, but before that, I must explain the specific circumstances of our
marriage. And for that, I must call for calm.”novel.ebook.com

The room became even more silent at his words-even the overexcited journalists had to stop
themselves from saying what was on the tip of their tongue and wait forthem to speak.

Jay inhaled deeply and said, “The information of the leaks are true.”

The room erupted into an uproar, and the journalists were eager to pester him with questions.

Nonetheless, Jay continued without giving the journalists time to speak.” Yes, Zoe and I were not
married in secret years ago-we were recently married. I will admit to deceiving the public in this
because I wanted to protect Zoe… or, to be precise, this was the only way I had to bring Zoe back to
my side.”

That was too much information to digest.

It was not just the journalists-even Zoe did not fully understand what just happened.

The netizens watching the livestream were stunned too, and the comments that came in endlessly
seemed to pause right then and stayed blank for a while.

’I’ve loved Zoe for years,” Jay explained. “However, we couldn’t be together because there had been
too many misunderstandings between us. I would rather not have wasted the public’s time on our
personal affairs, but since everyone is interested, I shall reveal everything in my past and enlighten Zoe
about it too.”

With that, he turned toward Zoe.

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