A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1033

Jay returned to Zoe’s ward, where she kept browsing through the news.

She would be lying if she was not upset, though it surprised her that she was even more upset seeing
the comments flame Jay more than they flamed her.

As such. Jay found her cheeks flushed crimson as soon as she entered, looking like she was ready to
fight someone at any moment.

He could not help chuckling just then, though Zoe noticed him just then.

She was speechless to see him smiling and looking so good at that. “How could you still smile now,
Jay?! The ground is shrinking beneath our feet!”

“I’d still have enough money to last both of us.” Jay grinned adoringly.

“So, you don’t have a solution?” Zoe stared at him just then, feeling very much hysterical.

Did she want money?

Yes, she certainly did.

But more than that, she wanted both money and faith!

She was endlessly greedy that way.

“I do. We have a press conference scheduled for 2 PM tomorrow, though I don’t know what might come
of it.” Jay told her about his arrangement.

“And what are we going to say? Apologize? Don’t we have to prepare our scripts? Do we have one?
Should I cry?” Zoe asked in agitation.

Jay simply smiled in amusement. “No, you don’t have to do anything. Just dress pretty for tomorrow.”

“Dress pretty?!” Zoe was speechless. “Shouldn’t I be acting miserable to win

“No, you don’t,” Jay said slowly and definitively. “You just have to be yourself when you’re with me.
There’s no need to curry anyone else’s favor.”

Zoe’s heart skipped a beat.

There were obviously plenty of things to worry about, and she clearly did not want everything to fall

But for some reason, Jay’s words seemed like an oath, and she felt moved right then.

She just felt like she could walk with him even to the darkest abyss right then.

The next day, Zoe was discharged after further examination came up with no issues.

However, she had just stepped out of the entrance with Jay when they ran into Cora.

She was getting discharged too, and Nancy was with her instead of Bob.

Despite the suddenness of the encounter, Nancy began, “Jay…”

Jay simply pulled Zoe along as he limped off on his cane and got into his car right away.nvëlx.o

Nancy was left glowering-Jay really was getting full of himself, even belittling her just for Zoe!

On the other hand, as Cora watched Jay and Zoe leave, she was less angry than she was afraid.

She had to admit that her guilty feelings kept growing last night, as if she really provoked Jay-a bigwig
who would make her suffer perpetually from now on.

Moreover, Bob never answered any of her texts although she had been sending him a ton, until he
eventually turned off his phone.

She really felt that she had lost everything just then.

She said gingerly then, “Mom, maybe we really shouldn’t have messed with Uncle Jay…”

“He messed with us first!” Nancy snorted, nonchalant. “If he doesn’t care about his own family, we don’t
have to feel guilty either.”

Cora had more to say, but Nancy already dragged her into their car.

In Jay’s car, Zoe turned to glance at Nancy and Cora, realizing just then that her feelings for Nancy had
dulled after so many years had passed.

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