A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1029

‘ Are you really not worried at all?” Zoe asked Jay. “I mean, we really did lie to the public, and that’s
going to stick! Our careers will suffer from this permanently…”

Zoe was seized with further panic the more she spoke, especially since she was the reason for all this.

If it was not to save her reputation. Jay would never have publicly announced their marriage.

And now, she was dragging him down with her.

She was fine with anything that came her way, but Jay would now suffer with her…

“Don’t worry. I can handle this,” Jay said, even giving her an assuring look just then.


“Just rest. I’ll make some calls, set up an arrangement.”

“What are you going to do?”

“You’ll know soon enough.”

“You’re keeping it from me?”

“Just didn’t want to worry you.”

“I’m already worried.” Zoe huffed. “The more you tell me not to, the more I’m panicking here.”

“Be good now,” Jay said, patting her head. “Believe in your husband- believe that he can protect you.’

Zoe felt a warm sensation unfurl over her chest-the words ‘husband’ and ‘ protect’ suddenly granted
her a sense of comfort.

With that, Jay wheeled himself out of her ward and headed straight inside Cora’s ward.

The air between Cora and Bob was still stiff and tense, and neither were speaking.

Still, Bob was actually surprised to see Jay enter, but before he could speak, Jay’s expression turned
cool and his tone icy. “I thought you’d understand propriety, Cora.”

Cora was left biting her lip-she naturally knew what Jay was talking about, but she did not want to admit

’Has anyone treated you harshly ever since you were brought back to Levine Manor?” Jay asked.

Cora remained silent.

“Has everything I have done for you to make up for all that you missed gone to waste?” Jay pressed,
his tone becoming a little threatening just then.

Cora lowered her head guiltily but stayed silent.

’In fact, have you forgotten everything your grandfather told you before you died?” Jay’s expression
turned even darker right then.

Bob could see that Cora was left tearful by Jay’s words, and he could not help saying, “Look, Jay, Cora
was being a little impulsive, but what you said was a little harsh too. I’ll apologize to you for the conflict
between us, and I’ll apologize to Zoe later. But you should really stop.”

Even if he had no romantic feelings for Cora, he was still her boyfriend and could not bear to see her
suffer so much.

It seems that he had idea what just happened, even presuming that Cora had provoked Jay when she
stormed into Zoe’s ward.

Jay did not answer Bob, however, and instead cut straight to the point.” You’re the one who leaked it to
the media, aren’t you? That Zoe and I weren’t married three years ago?!”

Cora’s heart skipped a beat.

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