A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1026

Zoe asked grumpily, “Jay Parker, is it really that easy to give up on me?!1 “No,” Jay quickly replied.

“Then why would you do it time after time?”

“Well, what’s our relationship now?” Jay asked in return.

Zoe frowned, but it slowly dawned on her that he was pointing out that they were married.

If he really wanted to abandon her, why would he marry her now?

Somehow, that thought granted her comfort.

“Yeah, me too,” Zoe suddenly said.

“What?” Jay asked, a little confused just then.

“I never abandoned you, even if you left me in despair repeatedly. Whenever you made a move, I’d…”

Zoe trailed off, reluctant to finish-she had her pride too!

But she could not lie either…

Even so, no matter how Jay hurt her, he just had to do something-anything -and she would be

“Anyway, about Bob…”

Zoe suddenly brought the conversation back on track.

It left Jay feeling like he was stabbed-repeatedly.

Bob was certainly a thorn in his side…

Zoe said, looking Jay straight in the eye, “I think I really liked Bob and even envisioned a future with

She could see the displeasure in his eyes, but he had to restrain himself.

She never had the ability to make him jealous before, while he could leave her drowning with envy if
she really wanted to pick up every old grudge she had against him.

Now, it was finally time to let Jay have a taste of his own medicine.

Zoe said faintly then. “But it didn’t feel like love.”

As Jay watched Zoe in turn, he could tell that there was guilt in her smile.

After all, she felt sorry toward Bob because she did not really have romantic feelings for him.

Even if they broke up because of what Bob’s mom did, she never managed to repay Bob for all the
things he did for her.

Their relationship was unfair from the start.

Staring fixedly at Jay then, she said, “That’s why, in the truest sense of the term… I only loved one
person in my life. But he was so far beyond my reach, I had to keep telling myself that I could live well
without him, that one day I would realize he wasn’t my one true love.”

Jay returned her gaze.

He used to be content with being the only man she had been with.

Now, however, she realized that being physically chaste mattered less than being emotionally loyal.

He did not have the words to describe how he felt just then, though he was eager to praise any deity
that possibly exists and governs destiny.

He had never been this glad even after he cheated death with that accident, nor had he ever felt the
world was this warm.

He took Zoe’s hand and held it firmly.

He was over everything now, and he would stay with her even if it killed him.

Zoe smiled in turn, quietly watching as Jay squeezed her hand.

Her hand was shaking a little and a little warm.

She could really feel his excitement and thought then that this was enough.

She would let bygones be bygones-maybe she had not been perfect before and did not deserve Jay’s
unreserved affection.

But now, she could feel how much Jay cherished her. And that was enough.

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