A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1023

Zoe began, “Bob and I-” “I don’t mind,” Jay said determinedly.

Zoe raised her brow. “Why are you interrupting me if you don’t?”

Did men lie despite appearances too?

Jay pursed his lips. “I just don’t want you to say his name.”

“How is that not minding?!” Zoe exposed him mercilessly right then.

“I can pretend I don’t know.”

“You’re just lying to yourself.” Zoe pouted.

Jay, however, was fine with that—he was already perfectly content that Zoe would return to his side.

Nothing mattered in comparison.

“I’m still going to tell you,” Zoe suddenly said.

Jay flashed a feeble smile at her. “Because you knew I can’t do anything to you, huh?”

“Since when is that so?” Zoe snorted grumpily. “My life is in your hands, isn’t it?”

“Are you sure it’s not the other way round?”

“Why can’t you ever be honest, Jay? Who’s the one who kept rejecting me so hard like it would kill him
to accept me, only to end up marrying me because of Yelena?! Don’t you have a conscience,
constantly lying like that?!”

“I didn’t marry you because of Yelena,” Jay corrected her.

Zoe refused to listen to a word-she did not care, since Jay was the one who always had the reins of
their relationship, and she did not get to say no.

“See? I was just going to talk about Bob and I, but you’re digressing.” Zoe huffed as she remembered
that just then.

Jay had more to say but decided against it. ’Fine, tell me.”

What could he do about Zoe these days anyway?

All he could do was spoil the missus, even if she was going to give him a stroke eventually.

Zoe confessed then, “I was dating Bob because he did a lot of things that touched my heart. And I
never knew that he loved me for years until he told me.’

When Jay did not respond, Zoe continued. “When I was chased out of Levine Manor, I was left with
nothing when Nancy Levine took away all my money. Clara was being threatened and needed money
urgently, and I was almost forced into filming porn-but Bob stopped it. He told me if I was going to give
up my body, I could just give it to him…”

“You don’t have to go into such detail,” Jay told her then.

Zoe could not help giggling then.

He was getting jealous, was he not?

But no, she was not about to hold back.

If he had not been so callous before, would she ever have hooked up with Bob?

Talk about deserving his own just deserts. If he knew that he would fall for her years down the road…

Hold on. Jay loved her, right?

She seemed to feel that much now.

Nonetheless, she composed herself and continued. “Bob gave me a lot of money and a house, so I
agreed to the deal. I mean, it wasn’t a wealthy or glamorous life, but I could at least live without
worrying about food or shelter. It was also only after I was with Bob that I realized how much he was
into me, and I felt for a time that I could live the rest of my life with him.”

Jay took a deep breath, telling himself that it was the past, and he was open -minded enough to not
take exception to that at all.

“So, I was happy with Bob for a while, especially since he cleared all the poor opinions I had of love,”
Zoe said, not forgetting to add, “And you were the one who gave me said poor opinions, of course.”

Jay closed his eyes with a wry smile, feeling like she just stabbed a hole in his heart.

And yet, she was completely oblivious, even doubling down on it-as she spoke more, she seemed even
more excited. “But Bob was different. He was really nice, cooking for me, surprising me, and really
respecting me. I tried to get it on with him several times, but he rejected me, even though I clearly felt
how eager he was…”

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