A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1020

Neither Zoe nor Cora could stop themselves from crying out loud.

However, while Jay was holding Zoe’s hand firmly as if he would rather be the one hurting, Bob was
staring at their direction too when he heard Zoe’s cry.

In fact, his eyes were still fixed on Zoe even though he was standing beside Cora, who kept crying out
from the pain.

Eventually, she had enough and called out to him quietly, “Bob.”

Bob turned toward her and asked in concern, “Does it hurt? Zoe was screaming murder there.’

Cora did not answer, but her gaze darkened further.

After Cora and Zoe’s bite wounds were disinfected and bandaged, they were given a rabies shot and
admitted for further observation just in case.

If nothing happened, they could return to North City, where they would have another shot to complete
the vaccination.

Both Zoe and Cora were staying in VVIP wards, and they did not have to worry about the presence of

However, there seemed to be distance between Bob and Cora even though they were in the same

Bob quietly peeled an apple for Cora, and it was until he was done that he finally spoke. ’Here, have
some fruit.”

“Are you in love with Zoe, Bob?” Cora asked bluntly right then.

While Bob did a double take, she pressed him. “Did you fall for her before you met me?*

“Yeah.” Bob did not hide it.

“Then would you date me at all?! What do you take me for?!’ she shrieked, suddenly losing control right

She had certainly been restraining herself, feeling disgruntled ever since Bob blurted Zoe’s name while

Cora had thought she could bear with it-even pretend that she never noticed.

However, whenever she caught Bob unwittingly gazing at Zoe from time to time, she would notice the
love and restraint in his eyes.

He showed none of those when he looked at her-in fact it only made it painfully obvious he saw her
very differently.

“Nothing’s going to happen between me and Zoe anyway,” Bob said then.

“So what am I? Her substitute?” Cora scoffed.

“No, you’re not.”

“Don’t you think you’re being cruel to me?! Why are you still in love with Zoe even though you’re with
me?! Why?!”

“I’m sorry,” Bob apologized.

“You’re sorry?! I’ve been with you for years!” Cora cried, “But I only found out now that the man I loved
so much was actually in love with someone else!”

“Sorry,” Bob apologized again and very quietly at that-just like a child caught red-handed.

He did not know what to do aside from apologizing, and he did feel that he had been unfair to Cora.

His heart was completely Zoe’s when he started dating Cora, and he knew that he would never forget
Zoe even if she had dumped him.

He always would have a hard time falling for other women, but because her mother kept pushing him,
he started dating Cora.

He could actually feel how much Cora loved him too.

“I don’t need your apologies!” Cora was hysterical.

She would have convinced herself to accept this sorry state of affairs, if only Bob would say that he
was going to forget Zoe and do his best to love her.

But he did not.

His guilt only proved that he did not love her at all.

He looked up at her just then and said guiltily, ‘Then… Let’s break up.”

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