A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1017

Zoe knew it-she had been celebrating too early.

Jay’s upbringing was even more refined than hers, and he would never know his vegetables.

“You don’t know?” she asked nonetheless, refusing to give in.

’Ko-ree-an-duh,” Jay suddenly replied.

“Not ‘corry-under’?” Zoe exclaimed.

Jay smiled visibly and adoringly just then. “Pretty sure it isn’t.”

“Are you sure?”


“You’re sure I won’t end up on a clip where I’m flamed for being an insult to mandatory schooling?”

Jay’s smile broadened. “You’re being paranoid. Not many would use ‘ coriander* anyway-you can
check the live comments when the episode is broadcasted too. I bet you that eight percent of average
netizens wont even spell it right.”

“That makes me a little more confident, but do you actually know what it is? ” Zoe asked. “I’m more
concerned about not getting ingredients for dinner than being flamed.”

“Actually, coriander is another name for parsley,” Jay explained.

“Oh, is that what it is?!” Zoe exclaimed in surprise. “Wait, why would they call it coriander?”

“The production crew is messing around.” Jay chuckled.

“Those monsters!” Zoe huffed.

“Come on, let’s get it,” Jay said and picked up Zoe’s basket as if it was natural, adjusting the weight
before heading to the farm.

Zoe watched as he left, her eyes unusually moist just then.

But she must admit that she was touched-he was the one who had a lame leg, but he shared her
burden anyway.

She quickly ran after him, holding out a hand and offering support.

Jay glanced at her, smiling even more obviously in return.

He liked it when she got close to him on her own will.

“Why do you know so much, Jay?” Zoe asked as she plucked a tuft of parsley when they found it.

“It’s common knowledge.”

“Are you saying I don’t have that?” Zoe snorted.

“I’m kidding.” He smiled. “I used to read books on plants and remembered that without knowing it.”

So he was insinuating that she did not read much!

“Don’t pluck too much. A pinch would be enough since you don’t like it.”

Zoe felt warmth unfurling in her heart just then-Jay really remembered everything.

After they were done gathering Zoe’s vegetables, they saw Cora approaching them just then.

“What are you doing here, Uncle Jay?” Cora exclaimed in surprise.

“The production crew never said anything about us not being allowed together,” Jay replied. “I came
over once I was done with my tasks… Wait,

where’s Bob?”

“Probably still over there,” Cora was obviously upset, jealous that Jay was always doting on Zoe.

“Mr. Parker? They’re distributing the meat over there now. You won’t get any if you don’t go,” one of the
production staff reminded him just then.

’Just go. We need the meat after a hard day’s work,” Zoe quickly urged.

Jay handed her basket to her. “Wait for me to come back if you’re too tired to carry it.”

“I’m not that weak.”

Jay smiled and turned to leave.

With that, Zoe was suddenly left alone with Cora.

Talk about things getting really awkward…

However, they pretended to get along well anyway for the sake of the cameras.

“Are you done with your tasks?” Cora asked.

“More or less. What about you?”

“Me too,” Cora replied.

“Do you know the vegetables?” “Nope. Most of it was guessing.”

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