A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1016

The lettuce was certainly heavy, but Zoe started looking for the next vegetable on the inventory.

She had never seen actual eggplants in farms before, but she at least knew that they were purple.

It was too distinct a trait, so she found them immediately and plucked two.

And then, it was the bell peppers…

‘ Bell peppers, so peppers that look like bells? I guess I just have to find something similar… Okay, got

Zoe started to get a little excited just then.

She suddenly wanted to praise herself for her intelligence-she never felt as smart as this!

Once she was done with the bell peppers, she started to look for giant cabbages.

“This one should be easy. Since it’s ‘giant’, I just have to find the biggest vegetable in the farm,” Zoe
said, though she had to move to another part of the farm to pull out the cabbage.

With that in the basket, she moved on to the spring onion, and found it yet again according to a hunch.

But what was a coriander?

Zoe was left staring at the word. It was just so bizarre a name for a vegetable, and there was no clue
as to what it even looked like. And to make things worse, she could not Google it on her phone, since
the production crew had confiscated everyone’s phone for this task. There was no assistance to be
hoped for from there!

Where should she even start looking?

Zoe started strolling aimlessly through the farm, but there were just too many vegetables for her to pick
the correct one according to her ‘feelings’.

She asked the cameraman just then, “Are you sure that we’ll be denied food ingredients tonight if we
don’t pick the right vegetables?”

“Yes,” the cameraman replied.

‘Well, what’s a coriander?” Zoe asked him casually.

The man even glanced at the inventory but said, ’Beats me.”

‘ You’re the ones who set the quiz, no?!”

“I’m just a cameraman. I’m not in charge of content,” the cameraman said innocently.

“Do you even know how to read it?”


“Well, what does it look like?” Zoe tried to trick the man again.

“Beats me.’ The cameraman shook his head.

Zoe leveled a judgmental stare at him, but he blushed and said feebly,” First off, I really don’t know.
And it’s not like we’re allowed to tell you.”

So the production crew was no go, huh?

Zoe felt a little helpless and started to get tired carrying her basket of vegetables around, and she
simply planted herself on the ground.

She wondered how the others were doing-who knew, maybe she was not the only one who did not
know her vegetables. Either that, or she was going to be flamed.

“You have twenty more minutes,” the cameraman reminded her.

Zoe was going to try her luck just then when she saw Jay approaching from the distance on his cane. It
was hard for him to walk in this landscape.

However, Zoe promptly ran up to him as if she saw the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her

“What are you doing here, Jay?”

“I came back since I’ve finished my tasks ahead of time.”

“Wait, you can do that?” Zoe exclaimed in surprise.

“They never said no.”

The production crew certainly could not say anything against that.

“Anyway, perfect timing,” Zoe said without delay. “How do you read this, and what is it?”

Jay stared at the piece of paper solemnly but remained silent for a long while.

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