A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1015

Zoe quickly washed up and got changed before leaving the house with Jay.

He brought her some low-fat food, and she asked worriedly, ‘Are we really not going to affect recording

She was really afraid of getting scandalized, since she still wanted to stay in showbiz.

‘ Well be fine. Don’t worry.”

’ Alright,” Zoe said, telling herself to trust Jay as well.

He had never broken a promise before, after all.

Later, Zoe finally found out how Jay could be so direct.

The second episode was to be filmed at a huge farm situated up in the mountains. Aside from organic
and natural crops, there was also a ranch for livestock.

They were supposed to ride a land vehicle through a rugged mountain path, but Zoe and Jay went
there on a helicopter. As such, while traveling on land would have taken them six hours, they arrived in
just two hours, saving them a total of four hours.

What was more, two of the other couples were still on the way there when they arrived, and one of
them was Bob and Cora.

Bob was almost bursting when he learned that Jay came on a helicopter and must have repeated over
ten times, “We can do that?!”

He was certainly giving enough content for the episode.

Still, the purpose of this episode was to promote sales for local farms, so guests were given missions
this time.

Not only did they have to cook for themselves, but they had to harvest crops as well.

Then, before the episode was over, they would be promoting their crops live.

This time, however, the couples were split up to work separately-the ladies were in charge of picking
crops, while the men would be feeding livestock.

As they arrived on site, the production crew gave them an inventory of vegetables to gather.

That naturally meant trouble for Zoe, who did not know a thing since she was raised in Levine Manor.

Even after she was driven out later on, Clara would take care of all her needs-how would she have
learned a thing about vegetables?

However, everyone had already been assigned their own tasks that they would have to handle
themselves, so Zoe was too embarrassed to ask anyone for help.

And when she asked the production crew, they said, “The doctor said that the guests must handle this
on their own, or they won’t get ingredients for dinner.”

Liars! Was this program not supposed to be a pleasure trip?!

Nonetheless, Zoe gave in and read through the inventory.

‘One lettuce, two eggplants, five bell peppers, one giant cabbage, one spring onion, and… Cora? I
mean, coriander?’

Zoe was confused even as she read it-even the words confused her.

Forget the production crew telling her to gather vegetables-her inability to identify them may be her own
fault, but vegetables whose names she could not even read?! That was ridiculous!

However, she decided that she could not just roll over and die, since she did not want Jay to work the
farm an entire day only to go hungry.

Even if she had no idea what was what, guesswork would still work.

As such, she scoured around the farm, muttering to herself, “One lettuce. If it’s just one, I think it should
be quite big…”

She strolled a lap around the farm and noticed certain big balls that really seized her attention. After
thinking about it for a while and deciding that that was it, she firmly plucked one out and put it in her

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