A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1010

Zoey followed Jay into the elevator.

She wanted to speak several times, but gave up whenever she saw the stern look on Jay’s face in the
mirror within the elevator.

Even if she had cleared the air-even if they were now in a proper relationship, there was still a huge
distance between them.

Arriving home, Zoe immediately picked up the strong scent of food.

And she had been famished.

They had been playing with Yelena the whole day without eating much, so eating something a little late
would probably be fine.

“Welcome home,” Clara greeted them warmly as she approached them.” Oh, Yelena’s asleep already?”

She took Yelena off Jay’s arms as if it was only natural, and Jay didn’t reject her in any way.

In other words, Jay was only being distant towards Zoe.

He then told Clara, “We’ve been playing the entire day. Let her sleep.”

“Okay.” Clara always spoiled Yelena, and naturally couldn’t bear to wake her since she was sleeping so

Carrying Yelena into her room, Clara said, “Dinner’s ready. Just wash your hands and you can eat.”

Zoe naturally didn’t shy away and headed straight to the dining table.

Ever since Zoe returned to showbiz, Clara had started to learn how to cook low-fat food and would
cook separate portions for Zoe. Naturally, the menu would not be different aside from Zoe’s, so she
could have a normal menu if she got sick of the food.

And today, Zoe wanted to let loose-she certainly couldn’t resist the perfectly marbled steak filet.

Clara was naturally pleased to see Zoe gorging on the steak when she returned to the dining table.

Even if she was the one who helped Zoe’s diet regiment, there was this part in her heart where she
hoped that Zoe would eat normally.

Staying healthy was more important, after all.

“You’re that hungry?” she asked casually.

“Famished-there’s not much to eat at the amusement park,” Zoe replied, and remembered something
while she ate. “You cooked early today.”

In fact, it was just five in the evening.

“Jay texted me earlier,” Clara explained.

Zoe turned to find Jay eating slowly and elegantly.

“I’m hungry too,” he said just then.

Still, Zoe didn’t think he texted Clara earlier for her sake; it was most likely for Yelena.

However, she still realized that Jay was always thoughtful in all matters, whereas she was carefree
most of the time.

She wondered if their personalities made up for each other’s flaws that way.

As she ate, she became pensive about tomorrow’s recording.

That meant they were going to be alone in each other’s company again… So why was she looking
forward to it a little?

As such thoughts crossed her mind, she suddenly yelped.

Clara flinched in surprise; even Jay was stunned despite being considerably composed.

“W-What’s wrong? Did you choke?” Clara asked worriedly.

“N-No!” Zoe exclaimed, but otherwise too agitated to speak.

If only she was choking… No, she was overeating!

“How many pieces of steak filet did I just eat?” she asked Clara.


“How many?” Zoe asked solemnly.

Clara thought about it, but shook her head. “Seven…maybe ten? I didn’t keep count.”

Seven…maybe ten?!

Zoe could die on the spot-she still had a recording for tomorrow!

She shouldn’t be gorging on so much fat, even if she wanted to indulge herself a little tonight!

How would she look attractive on camera if she got fat?!

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