A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1009

Zoe wasn’t trying to provoke Jay or scorning him, but…

Fine, she could admit that it hurt her to see how difficult life was for Jay these days. It was why she
blurted out such thoughtless words.

And the look on Jay’s face now, she felt like she had wounded him again.

“I mean…” she went on awkwardly. “Don’t get me wrong, I just think…”

Even as she quickly tried to explain, she fumbled her words once again- which she seemed to do
everytime the situation became tense.

‘The doctors told me that chances of recovery are very low. I’ve tried physiotherapy before as well, but
the effect wasn’t obvious,” Jay said calmly, his emotions inscrutable.

But whatever the case may be, he seemed really wounded.

Before Zoe could say more, Jay had Yelena sit on his lap, and steered his wheelchair ahead.

Zoe watched as he left, feeling so guilty she could die.

They only had a simple lunch after spending the day at the amusement park. Moreover, Yelena was too
energetic and never ate much as she was eager to keep playing.

They were therefore a little hungry after they left. Yelena fell asleep almost instantly once she got in the

She was just talking to Jay a second ago and having some laughs, but quieted down at the next

“I’ll carry her,” Zoe offered.

Yelena was quite light at over 31 pounds, but that didn’t mean one wouldn’t tire from carrying her
around for too long.

In fact, Zoe would find her arms sore the next day because of that.

Moreover, it was Jay who was mostly carrying Yelena although Zoe was there with them.

Jay turned towards her and said flatly, “I’m just disabled in one leg.”

Zoe stiffened right then-in other words, he was saying that his hands were fine.

He could really hold a grudge!

The car turned quiet, and the air between them was a little soured.

Zoe reclined against her seat, closing her eyes to avoid the awkwardness between them, only to doze
off without knowing.

It had been a long, tiring day-for both children and adults.

When Jay finally turned towards her, he immediately found her asleep.

He promptly freed a hand to gently shift Zoe so that she could lean against his shoulder, allowing her to
sleep more comfortably.

He adjusted his hold on Yelena as well, and breathed a small sigh of relief.

To no surprise, Zoe was repulsed by him-and in every way.

As their car drove into their apartment’s car park, Jay shifted his body slightly, and Zoe opened her
muddled eyes, asking, ‘ Are we home?”

“Yeah,” Jay replied, before adding, “You can carry Yelena.”

“Okay,” Zoe said. She quickly picked up Yelena, who was still sleeping like a log.

She watched as Jay started to get out of the car, refusing the chauffeur’s offer of assistance.

Why did it feel like Jay was being petulant with her?

However, he walked around the car and opened her door in gentlemanly fashion, saying, “I’ll carry

“You’ve been carrying her for a while. Let me…”

Zoe suddenly trailed off, sensing that anything she said would hurt Jay.

As such, she handed Yelena over with little fuss. Jay took their daughter and strode ahead.

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