A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1006

Jay said solemnly, “Playing with our daughter isn’t hedonistic.

“But you’re putting off work. If I remember correctly, that film you’re going to direct was supposed to be
next month,” Zoe told him. And I overheard you calling your assistant to delay it another month.”

While Jay was left speechless, Zoe muttered, “I just don’t want to end up on the streets with you.”

“Well, even if I stop working right now. I’d still have enough wealth to last us several lifetimes,” Jay

Bragging, are we?

Zoe was rendered speechless for a moment, but then she quickly said,” You should always strive to be
better instead of goofing off. You’d waste all the money you have if you gave in to hedonistic

’I’m not. Also, the filming was delayed for a month only because the female lead would only be free in a
month,” John quickly explained, genuinely worried Zoe would find any reason to get sick of him. i

“Mommy,” Yelena couldn’t help but say. “Can’t you stop packing? Let’s go to the amusement park,

“No,” Zoe refused right away.

Yelena pouted miserably, leaving Zoe sighing-her daughter really knew how to make her relent.

That was probably why Jay was so defenseless against her, too.

“Fine, let’s go,” Zoe said, defeated. She put down the clothes she was holding. “But have you
considered that we’d be recognized easily if we go out? We’d draw trouble and whatnot…”

“I have bodyguards on my payroll. They can keep us safe whatever happens, “ Jay explained.

“Fine.” Zoe didn’t want to say more, since Yelena would start crying if they continued droning on. “I’ll
get changed.”

Zoe dressed casually, prioritizing comfort above everything. After all, Yelena would fuss about wanting
to be carried once she got sick of walking. Since Jay had one lame leg, she would be the one carrying
Yelena around.

She didn’t put on makeup either, and left the house just like that.

Their bodyguards followed them in casuals, though Yelena got excited anyway the instant they got in
the amusement park, demanding that they try everything.

Zoe was impressed how energetic children can get, and was left exhausted after playing everything
available to children at the amusement park.

“Let’s take a break, okay?” she pleaded. “I’m tired.”

“Okay. Let’s go get ice-cream-1 want ice cream!”

“Children shouldn’t… Well, alright.” Zoe was soon speechless, as Yelena was genuinely capable of
crying on command.

With Yelena still in her arms, she turned to Jay, who had followed them around without playing
anything. “Do you want some ice cream?”

“I’m fine.”

Zoe seemed to remember then that he didn’t like sweet food, unlike her.

Well, Yelena got that from her.

That was why she ultimately couldn’t resist the temptation and bought two ice creams. Then, she got to
a shaded bench to sit down and enjoy the food.

“It’s so sweet, Mommy,” Yelena chirped happily.

“Yeah,” Zoe said as she kept slurping on hers, feeling a pang of guilt whenever she did. Unfortunately,
she was somehow unable to stop herself.

She told herself with each bite that it was the last, only to keep eating it until the end.

“Is it good?” Jay asked.

“It’s great! Do you want some, Daddy?” Yelena generously held hers in front of Jay.

“It’s alright. I can have your Mommy’s.”

As soon as he spoke. Jay had already taken Zoe’s ice cream off her hands. She stared numbly as he
licked it.

She blinked.

It was a gesture that amounted to nothing, but she somehow found it sensual.

“You just said you’re fine without it,” Zoe said, trying to distract herself.

“I was worried you can’t finish it. It’d be a waste.”

“Why not?”

“The strict discipline of actresses.”

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