A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1001

John was silent; suddenly, he didn’t know how to explain himself.

’It should’ve been a while ago, no? At least, before we went to that beach,” Cordy said.

She found it ironic as she recalled it now.

To think she did so much to make him remember their past.

She even prostrated herself, prepared a parental test, and used his identity to make him take
responsibility for Dicky.

But in the end, he had always known.

The entire time, she was just making a fool of himself.

’I just-“

‘I’m sorry, but I don’t want your explanation,” Cordy said, cutting him short.” It won’t do anything aside
from adding to my troubles.”

As John stared at Cordy, she continued, “To make myself clearer, I will cut ties with you no matter what
you say now. I refuse to suffer emotional blackmail.”

There was a hint of misery in John’s eyes, but he nodded silently.

Yes; she would always be that rational, and nothing could change anything she decided on.

He was the one who thought that he could still be with her when everything was over, with the
assumption he would earn Cordy’s forgiveness by shaping himself to be a hero…

Cordy went on coolly, “Right now, things are going well between myself and Patrick. I don’t want to be
your mistress, nor do I need you to be my

secret lover. It’s over between us, John.” 1


It took a long while for him to reply, and even then, he only said one word quietly.

With that, he turned to leave.

Patrick and Sean stood just outside the door; it seemed they had been waiting there even though they
said they were leaving.

As such, they could clearly see the tears streaming down John’s cheeks. 1

It was simply difficult to hide one’s sadness when it was genuine.

John believed himself to be a man of restraint, but it turned out that he had severely overestimated

Patrick had something to say just then, but Sean clasped a hand over his mouth and shot him a look to
keep him silent, ignoring his displeased frown.

As such, while John strode past them and left, Patrick gritted his teeth and remained silent. Right after
that, he rushed into Cordy’s ward with Sean.

It turned out that John wasn’t the only one crying.

Cordy’s tears were unstoppable as she looked at John’s towering, lonely figure.

They missed out on each other so many times; though they clearly loved each other, destiny was
simply not on their side, i

Perhaps destiny itself was telling them that they weren’t right for each other -that they weren’t meant to
be together.

Why else would there be so much between them, even as they kept hovering around each other for
over ten years?

Seeing her misery, Patrick couldn’t help but call out to her. “Cordy…”

His heart hurt too-he wasn’t sure if it was because he felt Cordy’s pain, or if he was jealous of Cordy
and John’s relationship.

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