A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 997

That tone of his… Why did Patrick sound like a pouting lover?

Still, Cordy didn’t dwell on it and simply assumed that there was less hostility between Patrick and
Sean just then.

Nonetheless, Sean seemed to not care about Patrick’s outburst. In fact, he was calm, as if used to the
latter’s petty temper and almost tolerating it.

“I was checking in on John,” he replied casually.

Patirck’s face dropped, as if he only remembered at that instant that John and Cordy were rescued
together from the fire.

John had left the banquet hall early on, but ultimately ended up being found with Cordy.

That could only mean John returned later to save Cordy.

Patrick certainly felt a little upset that John got to be the hero who saved the damsel in distress.

However, neither Cordy nor Sean paid Patrick any attention as various expressions alternated
obviously over his face, with various thoughts crossed his mind.

Cordy was staring at Sean, clearly eager to know more.

In fact, she already wanted to ask Patrick how John was doing once she was wheeled out of the
emergency room. Alas, she could not speak, and Patrick could not read her mind.

Sean, however, seemed to know what she wanted.

After getting to know him better, Cordy noted that Sean was a meticulous person.

“He’s safe, and his condition is no different from yours, if a little serious. He’s already admitted, and
Nana’s with him. Either way, he’s fine, though he might not look that handsome now and he still suffers
from two broken ribs.”

Cordy’s eyes widened in shock, though she realized at the next moment that his rib must’ve broken
when that chandelier fell right on him.

She was stunned to realize that he carried her out despite the extent of his injuries, and her chest hurt
at the very thought. In fact, the emotions involved would still be there even if she restrained herself.

Sean saw her reaction, and turned to look at Patrick.

Noticing that, Patrick returned his gaze, the emotions in his face only too obvious.

Sean had no choice in the matter, however, since there was no way he could hide this fact from Cordy.

She definitely would ask about John’s condition, especially since there was no doubt that John saved

Even the men Sean sent in to rescue Cordy told him how John tried to carry Cordy out of the banquet
hall… Plus, what could Sean or Patrick do if Cordy’s emotions got the better of her and she tried to get
back with John again?

Patrick was the one who missed his chance, and Sean couldn’t be faulted for telling her what
happened to John.

However, there was one way to help Patrick.

“The fire was no accident,” Sean said, suddenly changing the subject.

The plan here was to divert Cordy’s attention so that she didn’t dwell on John, and Sean’s words
certainly had an effect.

“After the luncheon, we noticed that the doors to our lounge were locked from the outside when we
tried to leave,” Sean added.

Cordy frowned-most of the Cranstons were in that lounge.

So, the Lynds were trying to wipe them all out in the fire?!

The sheer depravity!

“Soon, we smelled the smoke, and could tell that there was a fire outside,” Sean continued. “I called
Jean and some of the Lynds, but none of them answered. That’s basically confirmation that they all
wanted us dead.” Cordy nodded as she listened.

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