A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 994

“Let me down…” Cordy tried to reason with John. ‘We don’t have to die together.” ‘ No one’s dying,”
John told her in no uncertain terms. “I saved you once before. I can do it again.”

Cordy had more to say, but he snapped, “Don’t say anything. Save your strength-we’ll survive this.”

And with those words, she could clearly feel his footsteps picking up pace.

She closed her eyes, and stayed silent.

She had already troubled him far too much-she really shouldn’t keep dragging him down.

And with that, John carried her on piggyback as he charged towards the entrance.

Cordy felt her body aching all over, but clenched her teeth to stop herself from crying out loud. She
leaned over John’s back, hearing his rushed breathing.

There were a few times when he seemed to stumble, but he picked himself up again right after.

He never wasted a single second.

Cordy was almost fainting amidst the fire and smoke, but he still carried her and hurried forward.

Just as she was about to lose consciousness completely, she seemed to spot several figures rushing
straight into the fire towards them.

She had no idea who they were, but they were saved if they were allies of the Cranstons.

If they were Lynds, however, John might live, but Cordy’s death was assured.

However, there was no time for it.

Cordy blacked out, and almost at the same moment, John dropped to his knees, his body having
reached its limit.

Even then, he never let go of Cordy and used his own body to cushion her fall.

At the same time, the silhouettes rushed towards them and promptly threw the fire blankets over them,
as well as attaching breathing masks to their faces.

“Help her…” John groaned, still retaining his consciousness somehow.

Though he was unable to move, he was still able to talk and ask them to help Cordy.

“Don’t worry.”

One of the men said quietly, and quickly carried John and Cordy out of the banquet hall.

There were several ambulances parked outside the hotel entrance, though the crowd of evacuated
hotel guests had since dispersed considerably.

“Cordy!” Sean cried when he saw her being carried out.

Patrick beat him to reach her however, and was visibly concerned to see her barely alive.

His eyes were so red…

Cordy seemed to sense it and wanted to respond, but she couldn’t open her eyes whatever she did, let
alone speak.

“Get them in the ambulance!” Sean barked. The men promptly carried Cordy and John into the
vehicles, while Sean and Patrick followed anxiously in their car.

Both Cordy and John were rushed straight to the emergency room once they arrived at the hospital.
Patrick paced around on the walkway outside, unable to stop at all.

He couldn’t imagine what he would do if anything bad happened to Cordy!

When he regained consciousness moments ago, he was already outside the banquet hall while the
inferno continued to torch the building.

And somehow, the firefighters were taking their sweet time to get there.

He didn’t hesitate to charge straight to the banquet hall again, intent on saving Cordy-knowing that the
fire was no accident, he knew for sure she never made it out!

Even so, Sean stopped him before he could rush inside.

“Let me go!” he shrieked at the other man, his face contorted. “I have to get to Cordy! She’s still inside!”

‘I know.”

“Then why aren’t you letting me go in?!”

“You’d just get yourself killed!”

“Then I’ll die with her!” Patrick cried hysterically.

If Cordy really was killed, she had no idea what he would do!

“Just calm down-‘

“I can’t f*cking stay calm! Let me go!”

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