A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 992

The Lynds definitely would’ve come up with a plan to trap the Cranstons in the fire, and Cordy must
acknowledge their cunning wit to cover up their conspiracy with an accident.

Neither Sean nor Cordy would’ve expected them to go all out like this, even though they have prepared
themselves for the danger they knew they would face when they came here.

Nonetheless, Cordy gritted her teeth in determination-now was not the time to worry about others, not
when she had no idea if she was going to make it out herself.

With the path ahead blocked by the inferno, neither John nor herself could go anywhere.

Coupled with the ever growing fire, they would either suffocate from the smoke or be burnt to death.

But just as Cordy hesitated, John said determinedly, “Let’s make a run for it. ■

She turned and gave him a look, he assured her, “Our clothes are wet. It won’t burn.”

As Cordy bit her lip, he added, “Keep your head under my jacket. I’ll lead you.”

And with that, John held her hand with great resolve and pulled her through the blazing flames.

Cordy would be lying if she said she wasn’t afraid of the inferno before her, and was too scared to
wonder what awaits them behind it aside from more flames.

Moreover, they were just halfway through the hall; if there really was more fire, they would be killed with
no certainty.

They had no way out, and there was no question about it.

She was also positive no one was coming to help.

If there were, it would be after they were dead.

All she could feel was John squeezing on her hand; at the very next instant, he let go to hold his suit
over her head, covering her entire face hidden and shielding her.

Then, he put his arms around her.

She tried to resist-what would happen to him if he did that? He would be burnt!

But before she could speak, she felt John enveloping her in his arms and dashing through the inferno.

Most of her body was shielded, but she still felt the stinging lick of the flames.

Unable to bear the agony, she couldn’t help gasping in pain.

And yet, John never made a sound. She could feel how well he had been shielding her.

They seemed to advance for quite some distance, and she thought for a moment that they were going
to make it out of the banquet hall…until John’s body came crashing on top of her.

She felt both of them dropping to the scalding fall in no time at all, as something loud crashed into
pieces beside them.

Cordy quickly leapt out from underneath John’s suit, and saw that they dropped on a spot without fire.

However, the fire around them was burning violently.

She then noticed that John was lying on the floor, suddenly motionless- one of the hall’s chandeliers
had suddenly dropped right on top of him, knocking him out completely.

Even though the chandelier struck John while he was holding her, it somehow didn’t reach her at all.

“John,” Cordy called out worriedly, but he still wasn’t moving.


He had to live! He needed to!

In a frenzy, she started to shift the chandelier; it took every last bit of strength she had to get the
chandelier off him.

There were pieces of glass sticking out of his back, leaving a bloody scene. She had no time to care
about that, however, and started smacking John repeatedly on the face. “John! Wake up! Wake up!”

John’s brow seemed to twitch at that, but he still didn’t open his eyes.

“John, wake up. Wake up! Cough…” Cordy cried in desperation; she started hacking violently as she
spoke, for the surrounding smoke was gradually suffocating her.

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