A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 991

John never slowed down—hesitation was pointless at this moment.

With the fire getting from bad to worse, the Cranstons would all have a hard time leaving without

And since the Lynds had gone so far to set this all up, they would definitely have been prepared for all
contingencies—help would never reach them in time.

’Cordy!” John yelled.

Cordy was taken aback.

To be honest, she already lost hope when she picked up the scent of the swirling smoke while still
trapped inside.

She simply found no chances of escape, even if she never gave up.

That was when he heard the voice-it was neither Parick nor Sean as she expected, but whoever it was,
she had hope now!

And so, she quickly replied, “I’m in here!’

However, before she answered, John had already noticed that one of the toilet cubicles was locked
from the outside.

Someone had obviously trapped Cordy inside, and John instantly could tell who it was.

But now wasn’t the time for that-the priority was to get Cordy out!

“Stand aside,” John warned her. He didn’t afford her that much time before he kicked the door as hard
as he could.

It started to twitch, but it was still not opening.

John kicked the door again, and this time, it opened with a loud bang.

He immediately found Cordy inside, her eyes welling with tears as she appeared obviously helpless,
trapped inside on her own.

She didn’t break down even though she saw him, and instead asked,” There’s a fire outside?”

“Yes,” he replied.

While she gritted her teeth, John didn’ elaborate and quickly took off his suit and tore his own shirt

As he worked, he told her, “Wet your whole body. We have to make a run for it.”

Cordy didn’t drag her feet, and quickly turned on the tap to drench herself from head to toe.

John did the same, and handed the piece of his shirt he tore off, saying,” Keep this over your nose.”

Cordy quickly did as she was told, while John took off his suit and draped it over her head.

She was taken aback, and he added, ‘The fire’s pretty bad, but don’t worry- we’re definitely making it
out of here.”

Cordy said nothing.

They didn’t have time to argue anyway, so John pulled her along while keeping his nose covered and
rushed outside the ladies’ room.

Cordy never resisted, since survival was most important right now.

But the moment both of them rushed outside, Cordy was hacking and choking from the suffocating

Even with a thick piece of fabric over her mouth, her throat felt like it was scalded from the inferno
around them, almost stopping her from breathing.

“Stay down,’ John told her, and both of them dropped to a crouch as much as possible.

The fire had now extended all over the banquet hall, and the heat was only getting worse-Cordy felt like
she was in a burning furnace.

And it was just her and John in the hall-no firefighters or rescuers were in sight.

That was when Cordy wondered if Sean and ‘Jesse’ were still in there with them.

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