A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 989

Cordy worked hard to stay calm.

She left her phone on the table out at the banquet hall, and so had no way to call for help directly.

She gritted her teeth, and started to hammer against the door viciously.

However, most of the other guests already left the guest hall and there were no others in the ladies

She therefore couldn’t alert anyone despite the ruckus she was causing.

Her danger senses were screaming now, and she kept hitting the door.” Hello? Is there anyone out

There was still no response, and at that point, Cordy didn’t have to guess if her situation was an

In fact, there was no doubt that this was all Nana’s doing-and given Nana’s heinous nature, she wasn’t
such a trivial person to go that far just to lock her in.

Cordy worked hard to quell her unease, and decided that she had to free herself since there was no
one out there to help.

She looked around the toilet cubicle, but the doors and the walls reached up to the ceiling, affording her
no space to climb out.

The only way was to kick open that door, and she didn’t hesitate.

Putting away the foreboding thoughts in her mind, she kicked at the door while still wearing her high-
heels, withstanding the pain.

Her leg was slightly better after the injury from that accident before, so she could attend the wedding
without a wheelchair. But even as she kicked with her uninjured foot, the stress still strained her other
leg, and she started to sweat bullets.

Nonetheless, she didn’t drag her feet and kept kicking at the door as hard as she could.

But it was a luxury hotel, and even the door in the ladies’ room cubicle was sturdier than she initially

She was eventually panting tiredly, but the door was still not budging-what on earth could be used out
there that held the door fast to such an extent?!

Despite working so hard to stay calm earlier, she was beginning to panic. She wondered if Patrick
would come for her.

He had to be worried about her if she hadn’t returned after so long, right?

Even so, Cordy dared not underestimate Nana-if Nana was ready to go this far, she must be ready to
deny Cordy any chance of escape!

She then remembered how Sean and her had suspected the Lynds for a previous attempt on their
grandfather’s life.

And if the Lynds were going to do it again, she wondered if Nana would seize the opportunity to
eliminate her as well…

Nonetheless, Cordy told herself that she must stay calm, and not panic.

She was convinced that Patrick would never abandon her, even if Nana tried to stop him.

However, that was the moment when she smelled the stifling odor of smoke.

Her heart was seized by terror again, and she felt another pang of deja vu.

Was there a fire outside?!

So the Lynds were stopping at nothing to eliminate them!

With that, Cordy kept kicking at the door again.

She refused to be burnt alive, let alone allow Nana win!

There were just a handful of people left at the banquet hall when the sudden inferno ignited within, and
they started to evacuate in an orderly manner under the instructions of hotel staff and security

The instant the fire broke out, Patrick rushed towards the ladies room, not caring for anything, let alone
the potential danger there.

He must get to Cordy!

And yet, he had barely made it halfway when…

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