A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 986

Sean’s reply was: [I’ll talk to Jean. I’ll tell you later.]

If there was nothing else impeding them, they could leave-even if it meant they have no idea who the
culprits trying to kill Jesse was.

Feeling a little uneasy, Cordy got up. Patrick was immediately worried.” Where are you going?”

“To the ladies’ room.”

“I’m coming with you.’

“I need to relieve myself.”

“…Alright, I’ll wait.’


Cordy left the table and headed to the ladies’ room; she inadvertently ran into John, who was standing
just outside the door.

She looked left and right, but John was alone and Nana was nowhere in sight.

“She’s inside,” he suddenly explained, reading her mind

Cordy said nothing as she strode past him. Supposedly this was how clingy Nana was, needing her
husband around even when she goes to the toilet.

“Cordy,” John suddenly called out to her, but she simply ignored him and left.

He pursed his lips, but in reality, he had no right to stop her given the circumstances.

Cordy just entered the ladies’ room and ran straight into Nana wheeling herself out of a cubicle.

Nana was a little slow since she was wheelchair bound; Cordy strode past her, having no intention of

“Cordy,” Nana called out to her, leaving Cordy bemused.

Was it so hard to relieve herself unimpeded?

She turned to look at Nana, who smiled with contempt. “I really thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Why not?’ Cordy asked in return. “We had a deal, and it’s all over now.”

“You really can let it go this quickly?” Nana was clearly skeptical.

“I always keep my promises,’ Cordy said bluntly, but she noticed that Nana was still glaring fixedly at
her. “I need to relieve myself right now, so I won’t be playing along if you have nothing else to say.”

And with that, she turned and strode right inside one of the cubicles before Nana could respond.

She therefore never noticed the heinous smile on Nana’s face. Unbeknownst to Cordy, Nana whipped
out her phone to send her text.

And once she received a reply, she deleted all traces.

She couldn’t be faulted for being savage, especially since Cordy was the one who came on her own.

With everything prepared, Nana wheeled herself out of the ladies room. John naturally took over after
she got out.

When he started to wheel her back to the banquet hall, however, she said,” I don’t feel so good, Lucas.
Let’s go to our suite.”

“Yeah,” John replied, and promptly wheeled her out of the banquet hall.

The stewards were guiding many guests as they filed out as well. There was plenty of entertainment
planned for them at the hotel’s casino and clubhouse anyway, not to mention the luxurious rooms
already booked for them.

Everything was right upstairs of the banquet hall, which made it convenient for the guests’ access.

John wheeled Nana into their bridal suite on the 16th floor. There, Nana asked, ‘Can you carry me to
bed, Lucas?”

John leaned downwards and picked her up.

When he tried to leave after putting her in bed, however, he found her wrapping her arms tightly around
his neck.

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