A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 985

Meanwhile, the banquet hall erupted in thunderous applause as Nana and John stepped down from the

Soon, the wedding luncheon started, and the table was served full of dishes fit for kings.

Cordy hadn’t actually done anything, but found herself staring at a little hill of food on her plate.

Anyone who did not know would think she was famished.

“That’s enough, Patrick,” Cordy whispered to him.

‘ No! You should be eating more to get your money’s worth,’ Patrick said seriously. “You’d be hurt
emotionally and physically otherwise, and that would be a net loss.”

While Cordy was left speechless, Patrick urged, “Go on, eat.”

Cordy decided then that the man spoke sense, and started to eat as much as she could.

Halfway through, John and Nana came to toast everyone, with Nana on a wheelchair.

Everyone promptly rose to their feet and cleared a spot for Nana, while congratulating everyone loudly.

“Thank you,” John answered politely.

He didn’t even glance at Patrick or Cordy, and quickly tried to wheel Nana away, only for Nana to
suddenly call out, ‘Cordy.”

Cordy pursed her lips-Nana loved to harass her whenever possible, just like she was doing right now
by deliberately telling Cordy, “I’m so happy to see you. I thought you wouldn’t come.”

The other guests were naturally left perplexed, since Cordy was never revealed to be a member of the
Cranston family yet and her presence in this wedding was a mystery. However, seeing that she came
with Patrick and the Stuarts being a grand dynasty themselves, it made sense that he was attending
this wedding, so most would presume he brought Cordy as his plus one.

But now, Nana’s words left everyone confused.

“It’s only natural I should witness your big day personally.” Cordy smiled faintly. “Congratulations, and
here’s a personal toast-to love forever, and getting children soon.”

She raised her glass and generously offered her blessing, while Nana had to force a smile.

Cordy could keep tight a lid on her feelings, and was capable of staying unaffected at any movement.

Nonetheless, she rose from her wheelchair with her glass, and clink it with Cordy’s.

Then, she suddenly added, “Lucas, Cordy’s offering us her blessing. Aren’t you going to have a toast
with her too?”

John finally turned to see that Cordy was looking calmly at him.

He was certainly handsome after dressing up elaborately, and Cordy had heard many people beneath
the stage being impressed by John’s looks

Nonetheless, Cordy simply repeated, “Congratulations. You two deserve each other.’

John pursed her lips, but didn’t respond; Cordy took notice.

She raised her glass, but just as she was about to touch her glass with his, he chugged his glass and
wheeled Nana away without caring if Nana and Cordy drank.

Cordy simply returned to her seat, her hand shaking ever so slightly as she held her glass.

Naturally, she wasn’t as calm as she tried to look.

However, she was still convinced that time would mend everything-right now, she was pretending to
wish him well, but the day would eventually come when that wish was genuine.

She felt a warm hand on hers, squeezing it, and turned to look at Patrick.

“Don’t worry,” she told her determinedly. “I’m here.”

He was her stalwart refuge.

After the luncheon was over, people began to file out of the banquet hall.

Cordy texted Sean. [How are things?]

[Nothing unusual. But Jean hasn’t returned to the lounge she prepared for our family, probably still
worried about infections.)

(Can we go now?]

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