A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 981

Cordy returned to the banquet hall, where Patrick was growing restless from waiting for her.

She smiled despite herself-he really was a little impatient, since she was barely away for ten minutes.

’I would’ve gone looking for you if you didn’t come back,” Patrick said a little grumpily as he took her

“What, did you think I’d lose my way?” she retorted in slight annoyance as they returned to their seats.

Patrick, however, said seriously, “You won’t lose your way, but you’re so beautiful everyone would want
to kidnap you. It’s not easy for me to get myself a wife. Who would I cry to if she was abducted?”

Cordy was a little speechless-his danger sense was a little too keen.

However, before he could continue, everyone turned towards the stage as the wedding’s emcee started
speaking. “Esteemed guests, thank you for taking time off your busy schedules to attend this blessed
wedding ceremony of Mr. Lucas Lynch and Miss Nana Lynd. The ceremony shall begin at 12:08 pm.
Once again, thank you for coming.”

When the emcee was finished, Patrick whispered into Cordy’s ear, “That’s another ten minutes.”

Cordy was speechless-she certainly knew that, especially with that conspicuous clock counting down
on the projector screen up above.

“Do you think Nana can show up for her own wedding with that frail body of hers? Who knows if she
faints halfway through?” Patrick continued.

“No one will consider you mute if you keep quiet,” Cordy snapped.

She was once more quite speechless. How awkward did he think it would be if someone overheard him
saying that, and at the bride’s own wedding to boot?!

Patrick pursed his lips—didn’t she understand that he was on her side?

He was overjoyed that John was staying with Nana, or he wouldn’t have stood a chance with Cordy.
However, he was still feeling indignant for Cordy’s sake, especially at the thought that Nana was still
trying to harass Cordy.

Humans are contradictory that way.

Nonetheless, at 12:08 pm, a celebratory fanfare resounded, and John went on stage at the emcee’s

The instant he did, he saw Cordy sitting at the table nearest to the stage.

The diamonds encrusted on her white evening gown seemed to twinkle like the brightest stars in the
night beneath the slightly dimmed light, and she was smiling as she chatted animatedly with Patrick.

She wasn’t even looking his way.

“Lucas?” The emcee called out to him just then.

John came to his senses right then, and the emcee smiled at him. “You seem to be nervous today,
Lucas. Can’t wait to see your beautiful bride?”

“Yeah,” John replied absent-mindedly, while Cordy and Patrick continued to converse in hushed

Still, Cordy smiled ever so subtly at John’s words, more or less feeling the irony.

Patrick clearly saw her reacting, and reached out to hold her hand firmly in his, whispering into her ear,
“Don’t feel bad. I’m here.”

“I’m not,” she replied. “I’m over it.”

Patrick, however, didn’t let go of her hand, and actually held on tighter.

“In that case, let’s receive your beautiful bride!” the emcee announced with bursting excitement. Right
then, a stirring fanfare played within the banquet hall once more.

Cordy looked up to see John stepping down from the stage.

He then tread over the red carpet that cut a path through neatly arranged bouquets of flowers and the
guests’ tables.

In other words, he was walking right past Cordy.

Their eyes met for a moment, and she nonchalantly averted her eyes at the next instant.

John also saw her holding hands with Patrick just beneath their table…

Nonetheless, he walked to the other end of n.ove.lx.o the red carpet, where a small castle built from
flowers stood.

Nana was there, waiting in her bridal gown.

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