A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 979

Cordy was neither lying nor offering comfort to Patrick because she was being soft.

She had already resolved herself when she chose to be with him-that she would never let him down.

Emotional, Patrick’s eyes turned watery. “You better keep your promise, Cordy.”

“Yeah.” She nodded.

He gave her hand a squeeze and they locked fingers, offering each other a genuine promise.

They arrived at the grand hotel where the wedding was held. Nana was the precious daughter of the
prestigious Lynd family, and they certainly wasted every dime for the occasion.

Even friends and relatives living in distant lands came to attend, and there were security guards as well
as bodyguards on watch everywhere.

Cordy presented her invitation at the entrance, and headed inside with Patrick after it was verified.

There were already plenty of people present, and the bustling crowd of guests were all socializing.

Be that as it may, Cordy and Patrick drew considerable attention when she showed up linking arms
with Patrick.

For one, she was just so beautiful she drew every gaze as if it was natural.

Secondly, she was attending the wedding with Patrick.

It was certainly inappropriate if they were just partners, so this would naturally mean that they were

Many around them were curious, but no one was brave enough to ask, even as one of the stewards led
them to their seats.

There was no ceremony either, just a reception; Nana was sticking to local traditions, instead of more
conventional wedding ceremonies as she spent more time abroad.

Naturally, it appeared more formal and somber.

“We’re placed right next to the stage?” Patrick observed their seating.” Nana must’ve done this on
purpose so you have a courtside view of her sealing the deal with John.”

Cordy didn’t argue-she wouldn’t have had the disposition to be seated here, but Nana had always been
that sinister a person.

“It’s fine. You can let her see how beautiful look-her eyes will be green with envy,” Patrick added
through gritted teeth.

Cordy smiled-they certainly would!

Still, she suddenly rose to her feet. Patrick asked, “Where are you going?”

“Sean just made it.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

Patrick started to rise to her feet as well, but Cordy stopped him. “It’s fine.”

She strode up to Sean, who was wheeling ‘Jesse’ into the banquet hall.

The fake Jesse had a mask and a cap on, and his body was almost fully covered in a wool blanket.

Many other guests started to make their way up to ‘Jesse’ when they saw him arrive, but the
Cranstons’ bodyguards stopped them immediately.

Sean announced apologetically, “I’m sorry, but the doctors said my grandfather needs more time to
recover. He was just discharged recently, so he can’t socialize just yet. Please be more understanding.”

Everyone kept their distance since Sean had spoken. He then added politely, “My grandfather also
assures everyone that he’ll invite everyone to a gathering once he’s better.”

“Of course,” someone agreed right then. “His health takes priority, and we have all the time we need.”

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