A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 975

Patrick seemed really lethargic at first, but became energetic again the moment Cordy kissed him on
the cheek. He turned and gaped at her.

He was certainly flabbergasted, and caught with disbelief that she would actually give him a kiss.

“Go to bed soon,” Cordy told him, feeling a little creeped out from his stare.

Maybe she shouldn’t have done that-restraint wasn’t his strong suit.

She could tell that he was so delighted he could dance, but couldn’t he at least hide it a little?!


Patrick caught her just as she turned to leave, and her heart skipped a beat again.

She really shouldn’t have teased him-give him an inch, and he’d want a mile.

To no surprise, he pulled her into his arms; her face was planted into his chest, almost suffocating her.

Cordy struggled, trying to free herself as she snapped grumpily, “Are you trying to smother me, Patrick

“I’m just so happy!” Patrick couldn’t stop grinning.

“That’s no excuse for murder.”

He simply cupped her puffy cheeks and said teasingly, “I’d never do that-l love you too much, y’know?”

Cordy felt a little overwhelmed by his enthusiasm. Even as she tried to glare into his eyes to make him
let go, all she found was his overly passionate gaze. Suddenly, she was unable to say everything she

wanted to say.

Her heart raced as she watched his face inched closer to hers; she was conflicted, unsure if she should
be expectant or resisting.

Were they supposed to kiss? They had just confirmed their relationship…

However, she stopped herself the instant she was about to stop him, realizing her double-standard-why
was she allowed to kiss him, but he wasn’t allowed to kiss her?

There should be a limit to selfishness.

As such, after a brief struggle with herself, she closed her eyes to accept him.

Since she had decided that she wanted a fresh start, it was time to get used to many things.

However, that was when an angry bellow echoed. “What are you doing?!”

Startled, both Cordy and Patrick promptly jumped away from each other like burglars caught in the act.
They stared blankly as Sean suddenly stepped out from his room.

He was glowering, and looked a little scary.

Patrick’s heart was racing, but he was incensed-did Sean have any idea how much courage he had to
muster to kiss Cordy?

And just as he was about to reach her, he was suddenly brought to a stop- he felt absolutely

Shooting Sean a vicious glare, Patrick snapped, “It’s the middle of the night! What are you doing out
here, sleepwalking?”

Sean shot him a look but ignored him, and turned towards Cordy instead. He said sternly, “Go to bed

“Stay.” Patrick kept his hands on her wrist, refusing to let go.

Cordy frowned, but Patrick didn’t hide his intentions. “You’re not leaving until I have my kiss.”

Cordy blushed-how could he say that out loud, and with someone else around at that?!

Sean’s expression darkened. “Let her go.”

“I refuse. She’s my girlfriend.”

“But you’re not married.”

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