A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 973

As Zoe hung up, she turned and almost jumped when she saw Jay in his wheelchair. He was staying
still just beside the doorway.

When did he get there?!

She then remembered that he left to get them food, and wondered if her pregnancy somehow left her

Nonetheless, Jay wheeled himself inside with a bowl of strawberry soup.

If Zoe were to be honest, she really wanted something sweet and hydrating just like that soup. She
wolfed it down as soon as Jay passed it to her.

As she drank, she asked, “Have you eaten?”


Zoe looked up at Jay, who shrugged. ‘TH eat once you’ve eaten.”

“You can share this with me.”

’I don’t think that’d be enough for you.”

’Can’t you bring more?” Zoe asked. “Instead of just one bowl.”

’I can.”

“Then bring another,” Zoe said, a little speechless.

Did his intelligence go dull as well? But he was never pregnant! 1

“Yeah,” Jay replied. Just as he was going to wheel himself out of the room, he suddenly asked, “Is
Cordy in a relationship now?”

“You heard?” Zoe asked as she drank her strawberry soup.

“You were being quite loud.”

’Well, yeah. She’s dating Patrick now.’

’I see. That’s good,” Jay murmured.

’Good?” Zoe was a little agitated. “Shouldn’t she stay with John?’

“He’s dead. Cordy cant stay single for life.”

“What if he isn’t dead?”

’People dont come back from the dead.”

“You won’t believe it even if I told you, huh?” Zoe said, reluctant to get into a fight since Cordy was
dating Patrick now anyway.

And the more she told Jay, the more she would add to his troubles.

“Anyway, Cordy said that she and Patrick will come see us once she’s done with her business at the

’I see,” Jay replied, but he didn’t sound exactly interested-as if he felt nothing despite it being
something as important as Cordy dating.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Zoe reminded him, since she was already almost done with her soup.

Jay nodded silently, but didn’t leave.

Zoe felt that he was being a little too tame, but before she could ask why, Jay seemed to muster all the
courage he had to ask her a question. “…Am I really that bad?”

’Huh?” Zoe appeared taken aback.

Jay’s gaze was evasive. “I mean, in bed…”

Zoe blushed-did he overhear everything she had been telling Cordy? He wasn’t even in the room…! i

In his defense, she had been very loud.

It was exactly because she was hoarse that she kept raising her voice, since Cordy might not hear


Zoe felt so utterly awkward that she could flee on the spot. Her mind seemed to short circuit as she
suddenly didn’t know how to explain herself.

That was when Jay murmured quietly, ’Til improve.”


Meanwhile, over at the capital…

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