A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 961

Zoe had always listened to Cordy’s advice.

She felt that Cordy’s words always made sense.

Cordy had suggested more than once for her to be with Jay. She internally rejected the idea and did
not hold much hope for Jay.

But this time, for some reason unknown to her, she felt a change of heart inside.

Cordy was a good judge of character. If she said that Jay was a good man, he would definitely not be a

But the thought of how much Jay used to resist her advances…

She felt so conflicted inside.

Zoe sighed. -I’ll give it a try.”

When she was unsure as to what her decision should be, she decided to heed Cordy’s advice.

“Jay won’t let you regret your decision,” Cordy said with a smile.

“I hope so.” Zoe did not dare to hold out hope.

“Since you’re in the midst of filming, don’t get distracted and go back to work.”

“All right, chat next time.” Zoe made a move to hang up.

After all, it was not too good for her to stay in the washroom for too long.

“Oh yes.” Cordy suddenly remembered something.


“After you’re done filming. I’ll share my secret with you.”

“Why must you wait till after filming is done?”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to take it.”

“Why can’t I take it…”

“I’ll tell you after your filming.” Cordy deliberately kept Zoe in suspense.” Have a good day at work.”

With that, she hung up.

Zoe stared speechless at her phone.

Cordy obviously knew that she was a very curious person, yet she deliberately kept her in suspense,
making her feel antsy and uneasy…


Zoe walked out of the washroom back to the living room, but she did not see Jay.

Strange. Where did he go?!

Did he go back first because he had something urgent to attend to?

How was she going to film a dating variety show all by herself? What a joke that would turn out to be!

She could almost see headlines of their impending divorce emerging the moment this episode aired.

After all, they got married under such bizarre circumstances. Even though most people had nothing but
blessings for them, there was still a minority who doubted the genuineness of their marriage.

Zoe gritted her teeth and gave Jay a call.

“Zoe.” Someone answered the call.

“Bob?” Zoe recognized Bob’s voice immediately and asked, slightly surprised, ‘Where is Jay? Why do
you have his phone?”

“Jay is with me. Do you want to come over?”

“What is he doing over there with you?” Zoe became even more surprised.

What was he doing at Bob’s place early in the morning instead of sleeping?

Rumors of their impending divorce would surely spread the moment this episode aired, Zoe was sure
about that.

Did Jay not have the basic awareness that they were filming a show?

“Um… come over and you’ll find out,” Bob made it sound mysterious.

Zoe was flabbergasted.

Her curiosity had just been piqued by Cordy, and now Bob was doing the same thing to her.

She hung up on him straightaway.

She did want to know what tricks Bob and Jay had up their sleeves.

She left her homestay and her cameraman followed suit.

Zoe did not know which homestay Bob was in, and she did not manage to find it even after looking
around for a while.

Eventually, Cora had to bring her there in person.

To be honest, aside from the pay which she was the most happy about, another thing that pleased her
was how Cora was always inferior to her in the show.

Seniority was a great thing.

The two of them walked into Cora and Bob’s homestay, ‘chatting happily’ along the way.

The moment they walked in, they saw Jay donning an apron, busying himself around the kitchen.


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