A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 962

Jay came here to cook?

He did not know how to cook and needed Bob and Cora’s help for it?

Jay’s behavior with the Levines had never changed indeed.

Just when Zoe was about to say something sarcastic. Bob walked over and said, “I’m teaching your
husband how to cook.”

“Huh?” Zoe was shocked.

“What’s with that look on your face? You don’t believe that I know how to cook?” Bob said on purpose.

“No,” Zoe blurted. “I’ve tasted your food before.’

The moment she said that, the atmosphere between them tensed up.

Bob had learned how to cook for her when they were dating each other.

Bob was naturally talented and everything he cooked tasted delicious, unlike her, who managed to
screw up every dish she cooked.

“Didn’t you whip up a meal for us the last time Zoe and I went to your house?” Jay cut in naturally.

His acting skills…

What a pity that Jay was not an actor.

“Yeah,” Cora immediately chimed in.

Cameras were surrounding them and it was easy for people to realize something was wrong.

“The last time we celebrated my birthday, you cooked for us and invited Jay and Zoe to our house.
Sam came too, did you forget?” Cora added

more details to make it sound more believable.

“I almost forgot about it,” Bob said jokingly. “I only had eyes for you on your birthday and just forgot
about everyone else.’

Cora smiled sweetly. “You’re the best at teasing me and making me laugh.”

“You’re my girlfriend-of course I have to do that.’

They started bickering playfully with each other, looking just like a loving couple.

Zoe heaved a sigh of relief.

They almost got busted.

Thankfully, everyone reacted quickly.

She had to be more careful moving forward.

’Zoe, come here and have a taste,” Jay called out to her.

Zoe snapped back to attention and walked into the open-concept kitchen.

Bob and Cora walked over too.

Bob said, “Your husband dug me out of my bed first thing in the morning just to teach him how to cook
so that he could prepare a feast for you. He heard that you like barbecued ribs and has been busy

preparing it the entire morning. Come and try it out.”

Zoe glanced at Jay.

Jay had pierced a rib with a fork and placed it next to Zoe’s lips. He said,” Try it.”

Zoe took a bite.

It tasted sweet and sticky.

The sweetness lingered on and warmed her heart.

That inexplicable tenderness engulfed her and flipped an invisible switch inside of her.

She had no words to describe what she was feeling inside right now.

What Jay did was probably a simple gesture on his part.

Perhaps he did not even do it specially for her. Perhaps he was practicing so that he could whip up
something special for tonight. After all, Jay cared about putting up appearances.

Yet, despite all those possibilities, she felt touched.

Cordy’s words surfaced in her mind, reminding her that Jay was worth it.

Worth her loving him again?

“Is it tasty?” Jay looked at her, anxiety filling his eyes.

Zoe nodded. “It’s delicious.”

“Really?” Jay grinned.

He was a man well over the age of thirty, yet he was behaving like a teenager.

Jay had a bright and expectant look that would only appear on a teenager’s face.

She could almost imagine Jay’s face blooming like a flower during springtime.

Zoe had to admit that she was mesmerized.

Perhaps because Cordy’s words affected her deeply, or because… it was Jay standing right before her.

She could never underestimate the impact Jay had on her life.

She suddenly stood on tip-toes, forgetting about the people surrounding them and the cameras around
them, and she planted a kiss on Jay’s lips.

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