A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 958

Right before she shut her eyes, she looked weakly at John.

A smile of victory crept up her lips.

Everyone accompanied Nana back to her ward.

After a while, when Nana had fallen into deep sleep, the Lynds prepared to make a move.

“Come with me, Lucas,” Jean said, her face dark with displeasure.

The kind and tender look she gave Nana earlier had completely vanished. The entire atmosphere
dipped, making one tremble in suspense.

John followed Jean out of the ward and they stood along the corridor.

The other members of the Lynd family stood nearby and looked on at both of them.

Jean cut to the chase. “Lucas, my patience has reached its limit. If it weren’t for Nana, do you think
you’d have survived in the capital until now?”

“You’ve misunderstood me this time,” Lucas said, firmly and unyieldingly.

“Misunderstood you? What exactly is your relationship with Cordy Sachs?!” Jean went straight to the

She did not want to beat around the bush any longer.

“I admit that I had feelings for Cordy Sachs at one point.”

“Lucas Lynch!” Jean seethed.

“Cordy is a charming woman. As an ordinary man, it’s absolutely reasonable that I developed feelings
for her,” John said fearlessly as he looked straight at Jean. “But now, I am wholeheartedly determined
to be with Nana. It’s impossible between me and Cordy!”

“Impossible? Don’t think I have no clue as to who you’ve been fooling around with the past two days.
Lucas Lynch, Nana is willing to lose her life for you. How could you let her down like this?!” Jean
became increasingly agitated as she lashed out at him.

She wished she could kill the man before her.

If it were not for fear that killing him might destroy Nana, Lucas would have died a thousand times over.

“What happened over the past two days was just a transaction between Nana and Cordy. I’m merely
the object of the transaction, and I didn’t even have a choice. If you don’t believe me, you can ask
Nana,” John explained.

Jean looked at him in disbelief.

“I have no reason to lie to you, nor am I capable of doing so, ” John said emphatically.

“So why did Nana try to kill herself?”

“She did that to threaten me so that I wouldn’t dare to leave her.”

“She wouldn’t have been so extreme if it weren’t because you failed to give her a sense of security.”
Jean flared up at him once more.

“What can I do to give her a sense of security? Marry her? Nana has already publicly announced our
engagement tonight and I didn’t object to it. Yet, she still went ahead to commit suicide!” John felt anger
rising in his chest as well.” Tell me, what should I do to give her a sense of security?! Learn from her
and die for her?! If I die, she wouldn’t be able to doubt me, would she?!”

Jean was suddenly silenced by John’s words.

She knew best her own granddaughter’s extreme character.

“Do you truly love her?” Jean backed down a little.

“If I didn’t, I could’ve simply ignored her. Yes. I don’t have much power in the capital and your family
can do anything it wishes to me and I can do nothing about it. You can say that I fear the power that
your family wields. But on the other hand, if I were to be with Cordy, the Cranstons can also be my

Jean shifted her eyes but remained silent.

She did not have any words to refute John’s claims.

“The reason I choose to stay with Nana is because of my feelings and sense of responsibility for her.”
John’s firm voice resounded in the corridor.

“But you have indeed betrayed Nana emotionally…”

“I do regret that too, but what’s happened has happened, and I don’t want to hide it from Nana. I hope
that we can be honest with each other,” John said as he took out his phone. “It’s pointless for me to say
more. Perhaps seeing this can make you understand that things are impossible between Cordy and I.”

John showed Jean the photo of Cordy and Patrick in an embrace.

Jean was slightly taken aback.

“Cordy and Patrick are now together. Cordy and I are merely strangers.” John kept his phone back in
his pocket as he said emphatically to Jean, “Do you now believe that my feelings and loyalty toward
Nana are true?!”

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