A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 957

John’s phone rang.

It sounded ear-piercing in the quiet corridor.

Many members of the Lynd family were there in the corridor, aside from him, and that included Jean.

Nana’s attempt at committing suicide again deepened her animosity toward John.

The moment she arrived at the hospital, she pointed her finger at John and threatened to kill him if
anything untoward happened to Nana.

The sound coming from his phone made Jean glare at him, but he did not really care about it.

He knew that as long as Nana was around, the Lynds would not do anything to him.

The Lynds knew too well how important he was to Nana, and they would not dare lay a finger on him.

Conversely, should Nana die, he would definitely not be able to escape unscathed in the hands of the
Lynd family.

John fished out his phone, unperturbed, as he tapped on the notification.

His thumb suddenly went stiff.

For that split second, the photo in his phone became blurry.

At the next moment, a commotion along the corridor snapped him back to attention.

He stuffed his phone back into his pocket and looked upto see the doors of the emergency room swing

A doctor walked out with fatigue etched on his face.

Everyone from the Lynd family rushed over, and John allowed himself to follow behind them.

“How is she, doctor? Is Nana all right?” Jean asked anxiously and fearfully.

“We resuscitated her in time and her life is no longer in danger.” The doctor reassured them before
going on to remind them with a tinge of helplessness in his voice, “The patient’s condition is very
unique. Even though she was not physically harmed this time, if this goes on repeatedly, it will be very
emotionally burdensome for her and cause damage to the heart. Family and next-of-kin should counsel
her. Otherwise, major accidents could easily occur.”

“Yes, thank you, doctor. It’s been rough on you,” Jean heaved a huge sigh of relief upon hearing that
Nana was out of danger.

The doctor reminded them a few other things before taking his leave.

Immediately after, Nana was pushed out of the emergency room.

Her face was ashen gray, and she looked weak and vulnerable.

The Lynds tried to smile amidst the aches they felt in their hearts upon seeing Nana’s pale face and
weak smile.

Jean could not hold herself back.

She said achingly, “Nana, what’s the point? Problems can be overcome, so why take your life so

“I’m sorry, Granny,” Nana said so softly that one could hardly hear her. “I made you worry about me.
But I…”

Her eyes turned red.

“Don’t speak. I know it’s not your fault.” Jean glared at John standing nearby and went on in a low,
comforting voice,” Rest and recuperate. Everything else comes second.” “Okay.” Nana nodded
obediently and shut her eyes.

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