A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 955

Patrick looked at Cordy in disbelief.

He admitted that he had been pursuing her even in his dreams, but he never expected Cordy to say
yes to him one day.

Cordy was like the bright moon in the night sky, a beautiful but unattainable goal.

His desire for her, the moon that he could never reach, could only exist in his own world.

But right now, his moon had suddenly agreed to try things out with him.

Was he hearing things?

He instinctively looked toward Sean.

Sean was the only other witness tonight, aside from him and Cordy.

There was a tinge of resignation in Sean’s eyes until he felt Patrick looking at him dazedly, as if he
were hallucinating.

He was hallucinating, right?!

After all, Sean was hoping against all hope that Patrick would end up with Cordy.

Now that Cordy had finally agreed, he was a very happy man.

Of course, Patrick clearly knew that Sean approved of him not because he was excellent, but because
John was terrible.

There would not be disappointment without comparison.

To Sean, John was a two-timing b*st*rd who did not deserve forgiveness. Even if Patrick was not great,
at the very least, he did not make mistakes of principle.

Sean looked back at Patrick and nodded, as if knowing what he was thinking.

In fact, Sean himself was taken by surprise.

However, it made sense.

Cordy should have given up on John and her affections for him long ago, especially since they had
passed each other by long ago.

Sean silently turned to leave.

He had called Patrick here, and he admitted that he wanted to see Cordy and Patrick together.

He knew very well that the best way to forget about a past relationship was to begin a new one.

He had never been optimistic about Patrick, but he now realized it might have been due to his bias
against Patrick.

If a man loved a woman so much that he was willing to change himself, what right did he have to doubt
his sincerity?

Now that he had done his part, it was time for him to leave.

Patrick looked at Sean’s retreating figure.

Was it an illusion?

Why did he find so many things that happened tonight so strange?

He even felt that Sean’s retreating figure was slightly forlorn, as if Sean was very lonely.

Could Sean not bear to leave Cordy?

Could he not bear to hand Cordy over to anyone?

“You’re not willing?” Cordy smiled.

The corner of her lips lifted upward, and she looked just like a dream in the moonlight.

Patrick was completely enraptured by her.

It was as if everything around him suddenly vanished, leaving only him and Cordy on earth.

He said, “Cordy Sachs, I’ve waited for this day for so long, it feels like a century.”

Pain shot through Cordy’s heart.

She knew about Patrick’s feelings for her all along.

She could sense it, but she had always rejected him.

She thought that he would give up on her one day.

It had been three years.

No matter what she did, he would always be at the same spot waiting for her each time she turned
around to look.

She had no idea what she felt of Patrick.

But since she decided to take this step, since she decided to let John go and accept another man, she
would do her best to love him.

“Cordy, thank you for choosing me.” Patrick’s eyes gleamed in the dark.

Was it a reflection in the night, or was it tears welling up in his eyes?

Cordy was truly touched by Patrick.

He clearly knew why she suddenly changed her mind.

Patrick was a smart man.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to escape unscathed from his family battles at such a young

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