A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 947

Cordyjust watched him quietly.

She could no longer see any emotions on his aloof face.

He was on the verge of losing control just now, but currently, he was frighteningly calm.

“Let me run the bath for you.” John walked straight to the bathroom after gaining no reply from her.

Cordy looked down and put away all the emotions in her heart silently.

After running the bath for her, he walked out of the bathroom and carried her from the sofa.

Cordy looked at his cold and refined facial outline.

After putting her in the bathroom, he said, “Call me if anything happens. I’ll be out there.”

After that, he left.

Cordy watched his back.

It seemed like the thing she saw the most now was his back.

She took off her clothes.

At that moment, many awkward bruises were left on her fair skin.

The ambiguous moment just now seemed like sarcasm now.

After the bath, she put on the new underwear in the villa as well as the hotel’s bathrobe before she
opened the door.

John was standing outside the door.

When he saw Cordy come up, he carried her again.

She did not reject him, for she was indeed having difficulties walking and her wheelchair was

Besides, she could not return to her room if he did not carry her.

Unexpectedly, he put her in the large bed there.

She did not ask any questions.

After all, there were so many rooms. If she stayed in this one, John could sleep in another bedroom.

It was more troublesome to move her around while carrying her.

So, she slept in that large bed with ease.

After that, she saw him walk into the bathroom.

Cordy yearned to remind him to take a bath in another room, but she chose to be silent after pondering
over it.

After he took his bath, Cordy was still awake.

How could she fall asleep?

She took such a long nap and…

Something was troubling her in her heart, which gave her a hard time.

But after he came out, Cordy purposely closed her eyes.

After that, she suddenly felt another side of the bed sink in.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat.

John then slowly approached her.

“Let’s sleep.” Before Cordy could speak up, John stated, “I’ll sleep with you.”

So, he simply wanted to sleep in the same bed with her.

She was full of unspeakable feelings.

That was her original intention. However, people always behaved that way. Once they felt that they
could take another step forward, they would not be satisfied with what they had at the moment.

She turned her back to him, using her action to show her displeasure.

When John saw her lose her temper, he smiled dotingly.

He did not know what would come out of it at the end, but he did not want to defile her when he was
still having an ambiguous relationship with another woman.

She was pure and innocent.

It was a silent night.

Neither of them dozed off, but they were pretending to be asleep.

At last, she turned around to face him.

She watched his sleeping face before she moved into his arms.

He clearly hurt her, but she still could not help approaching him.

She buried herself in his arms.

After that, she dozed off with ease.

After she dozed off, she did not realize that the man who was hugging her could not fall asleep at all…

When Cordy opened her eyes the next day, she did not know what time it was.

She just found the sunlight outside very dazzling.

She turned around and looked at the spot beside her, but she did not see John there.

The warmth beside her seemed to have disappeared too.

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